# CDLXXIII…Another Uncovered Gem…

Today, October 8, has not been covered…therefore, I will leave this little snippet here (for when the book is back in play…)

# clii…Southpaw Wrestling Pariah…

Today, October 8th, is also the birthday of actor/wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin (1980), who in case you didn’t know (as most of you won’t anyway), is a proud member of the Southpaw Nation, as I am.  An accomplished actor (reality star, as well) and champion wrestler, his skills and prowess in the ring (as well as outside, with his marriage to former women’s champion Maryse Oulette) further cement his place here.

Whether you love him or hate him in the ring, his love for his career show in his tenacious southpaw attitude…because he is different (I am, too, and I love it) and his star should continue to rise long after his career has ended, as he is adaptable to almost anything; that is one of his finest qualities and it comes from being unique!

Also celebrating with everyone is/was; late pilot Eddie Rickenbacker (1890-1973), gossip columnist Rona Barrett (1936), famous hockey parent Walter Gretzky (1938), actor and former “Crocodile Hunter” Paul Hogan (1940), ubiquitous religious figure Jesse Jackson (1941), comedian Chevy Chase (1943), author of “Goosebumps”, R.L. Stine (1943) and late The Ramones’ star Johnny Ramone (1948-2004).

On the list, as well, are; actress Sigourney Weaver (1949), Kool & The Gang’s Robert “Kool” Bell (1950), actor Michael Dudikoff (1954), actress Stephanie Zimbalist (1956), soul singer CeCe Winans (1964), The Ramones’ C.J. Ramone (1965), “The Martian” star Matt Damon (1970), Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo (1972), actor/singer Nick Cannon (1980), current Sharks’ defenseman Raffi Torres (1981), singer Bruno Mars (1985) and former “Two and a Half Men” co-star Angus T. Jones (1993).

Thanks for joining me here on my blog…hope you enjoyed your brief stay here!

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# CDLXXII…”Dancing” Into Your Hearts, #TeamStark…

If you can’t tell from the title, today’s celebrator is none other than the “Dancing With the Stars” 25th season’s newest addition, Lindsey Stirling (1986).  Being that I’ve covered her birthday a couple of times on here, I just wanted to let you all know (in case you still care) that I really enjoy everything in this beautiful star’s repertoire…she plays violin and dances while doing it (check out her numerous YouTube videos, if you don’t believe me) and now she is currently one of the contestants on the highly-acclaimed series.

Without boring you too much, I have actually just watched her performance from Monday’s show and, as the one judge pointed out, her and Mark Ballas’ cha-cha was absolutely amazing and the best dance of the night!  Although, to be perfectly honest, I (at least) didn’t doubt that she could pull this endeavor off…as I said, she dances WHILE playing the violin…she seems to have a great talent for dancing and her performance on the kick-off show for this season was phenomenal enough to earn her post for her birthday today.

Her three albums released since 2012 (“Lindsey Stirling”, “Shatter Me” and “Brave Enough”), a fourth album (Christmas-related) on the way, her followers on YouTube (me included) and her new foray into becoming a true entertainer by showing her dancing prowess, she certainly deserves all the accolades that will come her way over the coming years.  Also, I happen to be a huge fan of hers that even paid for an autographed copy of her autobiography, “The Only Pirate at the Party” (thank you, Ms. Sterling!!)

Wishing her nothing but success in all of her projects…happy 31st to you, Ms. Sterling…as you more than deserve all the happiness on your birthday!

Also celebrating are/were; late author H.G. Wells (1866-1946), late animator Chuck Jones (1912-2002), late actor Larry Hagman (1931-2012), late actor Henry Gibson (1935-2009), actress Fannie Flagg (1944), producer Jerry Bruckheimer (1945), The Eagles’ guitarist Don Felder (1947) and uber-author Steven King was born in 1947.

Comedian/actor Bill Murray (1950), Motörhead drummer Phil Taylor (1954), director Ethan Coen (1957), comedian/actor Dave Coulier (1959), songstress Faith Hill (1967), talk show host/actress Ricki Lake (1968), actor Alfonso Ribeiro (1971), actor Luke Wilson (1971) and famous child Nicole Ritchie (1981) finish today’s list.

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# CDLXXI…Late Iconic Guitarist, Uncovered…

For those celebrating today, September 16, as their birthday, I present this little snippet from the now-defunct (but coming back?) book…

# cxl…Late Blues Legend…

Today, if you’re celebrating on September 16th, is also the birthday of late blues guitarist B.B. King (1925-2015), whose career in the industry is very well-documented and well-respected.  His sixty-seven year career included 43 albums (some wonderful collaborations, too) and 15 Grammy Awards…and, as I said, well-respected and known to have influenced some of the greatest guitarists of all time.

A member of the Rock-n-Roll and Blues Halls-of-Fame, his guitar-playing prowess has often tried to be emulated…but none can compare to the late legend whose name is also synonymous now with a popular music “hot spot”…

Also celebrating with you are/were; late actress Lauren Bacall (1924-2014), late “Columbo” star Peter Falk (1927-2011), veteran actor Ed Begley, Jr. (1949), superstar actor Mickey Rourke (1952), magician extraordinaire David Copperfield (1956), former Dodgers’ fireballer Orel Hershiser (1958) and actress Jennifer Tilly (1958).

Finishing today’s list are; singer Richard Marx (1963), Skid Row guitarist Dave Sabo (1964), singer/actor Marc Anthony (1968), comedienne Amy Poehler (1971) and pop heartthrob Nick Jonas was born in 1992.

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# CDLXX…Wizard of Ozz @ Popei’s Clam Bar, Coram, NY…

Last night, at the Island-famous Popei’s Clam Bar in Coram, NY (just a stone’s throw from here), I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the best shows ever presented by our long-time favorite Black Sabbath tribute band, the one-and-only Wizard of Ozz.  As the show was presented in the Tiki Bar area behind the main bar (which was also as packed as the Tiki Bar itself), it provided me with an “up close and personal” view of their performance which has left my ears (and my head LOL) ringing with nothing but more excellent memories.

The outdoor setup for the show, wonderfully crafted by my brother-in-law Steve, Nick Traylor (John’s brother) and Steve-O with the rest of the crew, was pretty amazing, considering the square footage that they all had to work with.  To the outsider, however, who might have thought that the small space would not have done justice to the show…it just goes to prove how much BETTER that made the performance.  I can tell you, as I literally had a front row “seat”, that I have never heard the Wizard of Ozz play any better than I did last night.

As for the show, John, Petey, Brian and Dan (vocals, drums, guitar and bass, respectively) rocked the entire bar with another stunning rendition of classic Ozzy and Black Sabbath, as they normally do on any given night.  Whether it was from staples such as the classic “Fairies Wear Boots”, “Snowblind” or “War Pigs” (complete with amazing crowd participation), to the recent additions of “Black Sabbath”, “Into the Void” and “Dirty Women”, the smaller area made their sound an incredible thing to behold!

The band’s finales of the classic Sabbath tunes “Children of the Grave” (which featured supporting drumming by John’s daughter Briana) and the combined medley of “Sweet Leaf”/”Paranoid” at the very end were the tip of the iceberg for a wonderful show that left the crowd almost begging for more.

As it stands now, this has got to have been one of my favorite all-time Wizard of Ozz performances, due to the fact that I had a great perspective and was able to hear the amazing talent that has brought these guys to you, the public, for over 25 years.  If, in the near future, you read that this band is playing in your area, DO NOT MISS IT, as you will not be disappointed!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\



# CDLXIX…For “The Ankh”…

As I haven’t written on here in quite some time (lack of interest has led to my lack of writing), I figured that I would leave this snippet from my now-defunct attempt at being a paid author…

# cxii…Outcast but Talented Guitarist…

Today’s date, August 6th, is the birthdate of former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent (1952), who, according to a quote from Wikipedia, felt like he was “imprisoned in a cubicle…like it was someone else’s house”…which was pretty much his feelings after two studio releases with the mega-powered band.  His skilled guitar work graces the albums “Creatures of the Night” (1982) and “Lick It Up” (1983) and is also credited with guitar workings on “Revenge”, as well.

He has also had some success with his eponymous band, The Vinnie Vincent Invasion, as well as collaborations with such greats as Wendy O. Williams, Peter Criss, John Waite and The Bangles.  In the overall big picture, however, he is currently celebrating his 47th year in the business (1970) and, as such, deservedly belongs here as a celebrity of note.

Also celebrating with “The Ankh” are/were; late comedian/actress Lucille Ball (1911-1989), late actor Robert Mitchum (1917-1997), late actress Selma Diamond (1920-1985), late art virtuoso Andy Warhol (1928-1987) and late wrestling star Dino Bravo (1949-1993).

On the end of the list are; former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey (1957), famed director M. Night Shyamalan (1970), former Spice Girls’ beauty Geri Halliwell (1972), former “Punky Brewster” star Soleil Moon Frye (1976) and former wrestler and wife of Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, was born in 1986.

Until tomorrow, as it’s a date on my calendar that cannot be forgotten…

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# CDLXVIII…In My Father’s Honor (1931-1999)…

On this date in 1931, my father, the late Frederick H. Johnson was born in New Jersey.  While this may not mean anything to you, my adoring readers, it literally means the world to me.  Without his “contribution” to this world (you’ve had biology, yes?), you might not have been privy to my unique views of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness {which I’m still trying to find}.

My father instilled in me, among other things, the fact that nothing in this world is perfect but, with the proper amounts of patience and tenacity, anything can be achieved.  He was a kind-hearted man with a knack for life that was mirrored by my late brother Fred, insofar as they both didn’t let too much break their resolves.  His time as my parent was filled with such love and devotion that, if he were alive today, he’d probably curse me out for writing about him because he wasn’t really into bragging but, by the same token, he would praise me for doing what I love!

Although the days of old have passed to the next generation, I am still left with very fond memories that can never be replaced.  Such memories include things like being with him on all the excursions to my grandmother’s house, working with him (as he was a brilliant mason) to fix my late aunt’s property, the fact that the man actually apologized for missing my wedding (which he didn’t need to do, in the first place) and all of the celebrations in Atlantic Highlands, NJ (where a plaque honoring my late uncle Edward still resides).

In his honor, his birthday twins include; Coca-Cola inventor John Pemberton (1831-1888), Ferdinand von Zeppelin {who was the creator of the airships named for him} (1838-1917), late oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) and his grandson, former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller (1908-1979), late fashion designer Hugo Boss (1885-1948), late actor/singer Jerry Vale (1930-2014) and late “Young Frankenstein” co-star Marty Feldman (1934-1982).

Also celebrating today are/were; singer/actor Steve Lawrence (1935), actor/comedian Jeffrey Tambor (1944), celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck (1949), actress Anjelica Huston (1951), singer/actor Kevin Bacon (1958), country sensation Toby Keith (1961), Filipino comic book writer/artist Whilce Portacio (1963), singer Beck (1970) and Sonata Arctica guitarist Elias Viljanen was born in 1975.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DAD \,,,\

# CDLXVII…89 North Show, featuring Pump/The Wizard of Ozz, 07-01-17…

As most of you are unaware, last night I had the golden opportunity to once again see two of the premier cover bands that Long Island has come to offer; the wonderful Aerosmith cover band known as Pump (first time seeing this particular Aerosmith band) and the omnipresent masterpiece that has been doing this for almost 25 years, The Wizard of Ozz.  For those of you that were not in attendance, I think I can honestly say that this show, in particular, was a mistake for you to have missed!

The band Pump, which I don’t remember seeing before (too many memory gaps), went on first to a modest crowd of their adoring fans.  They did a very nice set, including many Aerosmith staples like “Toys in the Attic”, “Jaded”, “Walk This Way”, “Rag Doll” and “Dream On”.  Also included in their wonderful rendition were the smashes “Love in an Elevator”, “Sweet Emotion” and “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”.  For the two hours (?) that they played, the band actually had me debating myself on which Steven Tyler-based group was more entertaining (I’ve seen Ragdoll, another Aerosmith band, many times in the past)…however, I am not going to entertain that debate here, as Pump did a magnificent job!

As for the main attraction, I have spoken volumes about the Wizard of Ozz (proven by the myriad of posts on this blog devoted to them) and, last night’s show featured almost the same lineup as the show at Brody McKay’s in Selden a couple of months back; the bassist was the only “new” member since that show.  It featured the exact song set list from the April show; starting with “Black Sabbath”, “Fairies Wear Boots”,  “Into the Void” and “Snowblind” (featuring John’s voice wonderfully echoed), they rocked the crowd which packed the place for almost three hours!

Also during the night, the band (who sounded as crisp as they have ever been, with former member Brian Gabriel running the sound board, Pete Anselmo on drums and Brian Guinee from the Selden show on guitar) performed hits like the ever-present “War Pigs”, “NIB”, “Iron Man” and “Dirty Women”.  They also performed the hit “Children of the Grave”, which featured John’s daughter, Brianna, doing a back-up drumming role and, before leaving the stage, regaled us with the always-popular “Sweet Leaf” and, in a move that surprised people that haven’t seen it, finished with “Paranoid” (this time with Brianna behind the drum kit!!!)

With this venture in my cap, I have to thank John and the boys of the band, as well as the crew (my brother-in-law Steve, Nick Traylor and Steve-O, who are artisans of their craft and made sure everything was perfect with the performance) for yet another opportunity to focus on my endeavors as a writer.  As a die-hard member of “The Faithful” and as I’ve mentioned before, if you haven’t seen this incarnation of the band, it is clearly your loss; they’ve been around for a while and, hopefully, will be kicking ass for years to come!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\