# DXXXVIII…”Frau Blucher”…

Today, April 30th, is the birthday of veteran actress Cloris Leachman (1926), perhaps best known for her portrayal in Mel Brooks’ comedy classic, “Young Frankenstein”, as the character in the title above.  There is, however, an interesting sidenote that most people don’t know…the reason Mel Brooks is a comedy mastermind…the name, when translated from German, means “horse glue”…which is why the horses whinnied when her name was mentioned!

With a career that has been spanning since 1942, she has been in countless big- and small-screen ventures throughout the last 60-plus years.  Eight Primetime Emmys, one Daytime Emmy and countless television appearances later, she continues to amaze me with how versatile she is.

Also, celebrating on this final day of the month are; late actor/talk show host Gary Collins (1938-2012), “Rocky” co-star Burt Young (1940), animator Bill Plympton (1946), former “Riptide” co-stars Perry King (1948) and Thom Bray (1954) {wow, wonder if they knew…Dal} and former basketball legend Isiah Thomas was born in 1961.

Former New York (both Jets & Giants) running back Dave Meggett (1966), Sepultura bassist Paulo Jr. (1969), “The Big Bang Theory”s Johnny Galecki (1975), rapper/actor Lloyd Banks (1982), actress Kirsten Dunst (1982) and current “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot was born in 1985.

See ya next month…I promise…

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# DXXXVII…Famous “Fiery” Cousin…

April 21st, as I just found out, is the birthday of “The Flash” recurring guest star Robbie Amell (1988), who is the cousin of “Arrow” star Stephen Amell, as if you couldn’t tell!  Being the cousin of the CW star must not be all roses and clover but Robbie is here on this list because of what he’s accomplished, so far in his relatively short career…and what is yet to come.

As you already know, his guest spots on the second CW hit, as the “anti-hero” FIRESTORM (on the show, it is actually F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M., but I can’t recall what the acronym stands for) and his leading role in the short-lived series “The Tomorrow People” really accentuate this young man’s burgeoning career.  He also starred in the movie, “The Duff”, which (regrettably at this time) I haven’t seen and is releasing another movie in 2016.

Not too shabby for a guy that had dreams of playing hockey until he was bitten by the acting bug…Many happy more to you, Mr. Robbie Amell…

Among his birthday twins are; late veteran actor Anthony Quinn (1915-2001), Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (1926), actor Charles Grodin and former New Jersey governor (1982-1990, when I was growing up) Thomas Kean (1935), singer/actor Iggy Pop (1947), actress/singer Patti LuPone (1949) and veteran actor (“Who’s The Boss”, “Taxi”, etc.) Tony Danza was born in 1951.

Celebrating with them are; former wrestling star {and 2019 Hall of Famer} (WWF) Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (1957), veteran actress Andie MacDowell (1958), The Cure’s frontman Robert Smith (1959), former NHL goalie phenom Ed Belfour (1965), late ECW superstar Axl Rotten (1971-2016), the drummer for the band Nightwish (awesome band…check ‘em out), Jukka Nevalainen (1978), current “X-Men” headmaster James McAvoy (1979) and former Dallas Cowboys’ “field general” Tony Romo was born in 1980.

As always, thanks for “listening”…it means a lot to me…Sinceriously!

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# DXXXVI…For His 55th…

Just a quick Happy Birthday in Heaven to my eldest brother, Fred (pictured above LOL), who is up there having a blast with my Mom and Dad…and people that he honored like Jim Morrison, Bon Scott, Randy Rhoades and the like.  This would have been his 55th birthday…and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss his wisdom (especially with music) and his unique personality.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DERF \,,,\

# DXXXV…For a Fallen Star…From My Youth…

It was on this date, April 13th, in the bicentennial year of 1976 that late child actor Jonathan Brandis was born (1976-2003).  For those that don’t know who he is, he starred in such classic 80s and 90s movies such as “Ladybugs”, “Sidekicks” with Chuck Norris, “Stephen King’s It” and “The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter”.

However, it was his 57 episode (only character to be on all episodes) run on the hit NBC show, “SeaQuest DSV” that will hold a special place in my heart…due to an anachronism.  You see, in one of the episodes, he is seen wearing a Florida (now Miami) Marlins jersey.  Being that the show had debuted around the same time the team did, I thought it was a nice touch to include that; this is coming from the same guy that got chills when I saw the original Sharks’ jersey in the pilot episode of “Sliders”; getting to the point, however, is that fact THIS particular jersey incorporated the words “World Champions”…no more than a year after their creation!

His portrayal of his character on the show, on the other hand, was also what made his place here relevant; as a super-smart tech guy on a deep-sea vessel, he sort of reminded one of “Commander Data” on the “Star Trek” spinoffs…the underdog who is always finding a way out of a jam scientifically.  And that, my friends, is what endeared me to him.

Also celebrating on this date are; former American outlaw Butch Cassidy (1866-1908), late “Get Smart” and “Inspector Gadget” star Don Adams (1923-2005), former “Wonder Woman” co-star, veteran actor Lyle Waggoner (1935), actor Paul Sorvino (1939), former “Leave It to Beaver” sidekick Tony Dow (1945) and The Reverend Al Green was born in 1946.

“Hellboy” star Ron Perlman (1950), singer Peabo Bryson (1951), E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg (1951), former chess master Garry Kasparov (1963), actress/comedian Caroline Rhea (1964), former child star Ricky Schroder (1970), Staind guitarist/singer Aaron Lewis (1972) and one-hit wonder star (for “Mambo No. 5”) Lou Bega (1975) also share this date.

More tomorrow…calendar says so…must listen to calendar…

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# DXXXIV…Predicting a Smash…

This date, April 6th, is the birthdate of director Barry Levinson (1942), who directed a movie that everyone has had to have seen at least once; the 1988 classic “Rain Man”, which in case you didn’t know, starred Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman and, although I could tell you what it was about, you should experience it the way that I did…I had won a call-in radio contest for an advanced screening of the movie.

Upon arriving at the Puck Building in New York, which is where it was being shown, I really hadn’t the technology that we have today.  I had no idea what the movie was about but I went, just to experience a movie BEFORE everyone else.  Needless to say, after watching the movie with about 100 other lucky people, I walked out of the theater and said to myself, “This movie is going to win a lot of awards”…the day before it was released to the public!

My ESP doesn’t really work anymore so I will finish that story and move on…

Also celebrating on this date are; late country legend Merle Haggard (1937-2016*), late legendary wrestler (and Dwayne Johnson’s grandfather) Peter Maivia (1937-1982), veteran actor Billy Dee Williams (1937), “Cheers” co-star John Ratzenberger (1947), former MLB star Bert Blyleven (1951) and former “Taxi” co-star Marilu Henner (1952).

Former NFL star-turned-broadcaster Sterling Sharpe (1965), MLB journeyman Bret Boone (1969), veteran actor Paul Rudd {Marvel’s “Ant-Man”, among others} (1969), former NHL star goalie Olaf Kolzig (1970), former “Wonder Years” co-star Jason Hervey (1972) and actor Zach Braff was born in 1975.

/,,,/ ROCK ON “RAYMOND” \,,,\

(* Mr. Haggard’s 2016 death occurred, ironically, on his 79th birthday, April 6, 2016.)