# DXXXII…Rock Spotlight, Vol. XVI…”No More Hollywood Endings”, Battle Beast (03/22/19)…

Since I saw this band back in April of 2018 (and even shook the lead singer’s hand, in passing), I have anticipated this album, which is their fifth release, “No More Hollywood Endings” and, as a fan that had not heard of them until I attended the Delain/Kamelot meet-and-greet which I’ve written about, I can truly say that Noora and the boys didn’t disappoint with this release!

From the opening track, “Unbroken” and continuing through the two launching songs, the title track and the ever-hauntingly beautiful “Eden” (which I’ve taken a liking to because its’ subject matter resonates personally), the anti-technology (?) “Unfairy Tales” and the campy, 80’s-ish “Endless Summer”, there isn’t a single bad track on here, which is a beautiful thing, musically, in the bubblegum-addled generation (who wouldn’t know good music if it jumped up and bit them in their saggy pants asses!!!) that we live in!

Also, of note, it is an album that easily be played on the radios of the world; well, for mature audiences, anyway (sensitive freaks LOL)…every single track is Dal’s Music Note$-approved for your satisfaction.  The album features Noora’s powerful voice, which is an awesome break from the lack of talent these days in music and very unique.  Her highs and lows are just perfect for the metal/rock genre and I’m proud that I was introduced to this band’s legacy…nothing more than onward and upward!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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