# DXXXI…Rock Spotlight, Vol. XV…”Crowned in Frost”, Frozen Crown (03/22/19)…

In this half-milestone post, I am here to tell you about a band that I found COMPLETELY by accident; I was watching the latest Sabaton History YouTube episode and, during an ad interlude in which our next artist’s newest video was played, it allowed me to further indulge my non-bubblegum music collection!  As their video played, I fell in love purely for the awesome way the melodies resonated together…and also with one band member in particular (you’ll know why momentarily…); the fact remains, however, that this up-and-coming metal band should be on everyone’s radar!

The Italian female-fronted quintet, known as Frozen Crown, consists of: vocalist Giada “Jade” Etro, vocalist/guitar/keyboard maestro Federico Mondelli, southpaw guitarist Talia Bellazecca, bassist Filippo Zavattari and drummer Alberto Mezzanotte have gotten together to produce some of the most beautiful heavy/death metal (yes, there is growling but it’s just awesome in and of itself…) notes that I’ve ever heard.  Their sophomore release, “Crowned in Frost”, is a truly wonderful addition to my personal collection.

Starting from the opening track, the instrumental “Arctic Gates” (see the theme yet?), it blasts into the track for which the video was, the unforgettable “Neverending”, which features wonderful melodies from both guitarists as well as Giada’s powerful voice!  Other awesome songs include the fourth track, “Battles in the Night”, which is followed by the seven-minute long “Winterfall” (which reminded me a little of Dream Theater, time-change wise LOL), “Unspoken”, the ninth track, “Forever”, just in sheer speed-metal power alone and, of course, the title track, “Crowned in Frost”.

This band, which I’ve said, I stumbled upon by accident, is a nice addition to the ever-evolving and NEVER DEAD genre known as rock/metal and I personally look forward to many more releases from this group as they are true to the corps!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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