# DXXV…Love My T’Wolves…and Happy Birthday in Heaven, Flip!!!

Switching from the norm (but I will be posting birthdays…after this announcement), the beginning of this post is all about how, after 30 years of being a die-hard Minnesota Timberwolves’ fan, I finally managed to grab a seat at nearby Madison Square Garden for last night’s Wolves/Knicks game to see “my” team play the game LIVE and very close!  Granted, I wasn’t courtside (because only celebrities can afford THOSE tickets)…but, from the vantage point that we (me and my ex-wife, who was my guest) had, I am not going to complain; as we were in Section 115 on the left-side of the court, I witnessed the game (which the Wolves won, ironically, 115-104) and, for my FIRST BASKETBALL GAME EVER, I am so happy today and will be for a long while!

Wearing my # 32 Karl-Anthony Towns’ jersey, I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to see him on the court (he was in a minor accident in Minnesota and was not allowed to play {for the FIRST time in his career} due to concussion protocol); however, the fact that the team, which included former New York Knick star Derrick Rose lighting up his former team with 20 points, persevered and won the game sets this Wolves’ fan’s heart afire!!!  From tipoff until the final buzzer, I was truly not disappointed with the outing.

Off topic, the thing that really surprised me (given the Knicks terrible state this season), was that I was in “enemy territory”, wearing the opponent’s colors…but I was definitely NOT ALONE!  I saw quite a few people in the stands with all the variations of Wolves’ jerseys (except for the special “Purple Rain” editions and the “Statement” aka highlighter-green one that I own) on the market!!!!

Another surprise was the fact that, given it was in New York, many Knicks fans were cordial to me after the loss of the hometown team…I was even greeted by one on the train ride home who congratulated me on “our” win…but furthered it by thanking the Wolves Nation for possibly cementing the Knicks future Number One draft pick (which, if you follow the sport, goes to the teams with the WORST record)!

Even though the Wolves aren’t exactly at the top of their game, they did this fan proud by continuing their winning (we’ll take 3 in a row, at this point; we play tonight in Milwaukee…) streak with me and my ex-wife in attendance and will (hopefully) keep playing as well to finish the season!!!!

Birthdays today include; late actress Majel Barrett-Roddenberry of “Star Trek” fame (1932-2008), actor Peter Fonda (1940), late blues guitarist Johnny Winter (1944-2014), former football giant Ed “Too Tall” Jones (1951), actress Patricia Richardson (1951), singer Howard Jones (1955) and late Minnesota Timberwolves’ coach Flip Saunders, whose son Ryan is now coaching the team (1955-2015).

Also celebrating are; former baseballer Bobby Bonilla (1963), golfer Steve Stricker (1967), FUBU founder Daymond John (1969), actress Niecy Nash (1970), actor Josh Gad (1981), comedian Aziz Ansari and actress Emily Blunt (both 1983), actress Dakota Fanning (1994) and current ‘Wolves phenom Andrew Wiggins {who had 17 points in last night’s game} was born in 1995.

Thanks for coming and, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON WOLVES \,,,\


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