# DXXVI…Rock Spotlight, Vol. XIV…”Distance Over Time”, Dream Theater…

Having released their fourteenth album this past Friday…and the fact that they are my ALL-TIME favorite group, the band does not disappoint this fan in the slightest with their latest release, “Distance Over Time”!  A true masterpiece that harkens back to their second album, the critically-acclaimed “Images and Words”, I can tell you as a HUGE fan that this is one of my all-time favorites.

Featuring contributions from every member of the band, both musically and lyrically (and the brilliant time-changing nightmares that the band is capable of!!!), this album features some wonderful lyrics and melodies that we’ve come to know and love…that is, me and the countless amounts of confirmed fans of the band!  The anthemic writing styles of the different band members is also what we’ve come to expect; subject matters like current events and love unrequited, overcoming addictions and even spiritual enlightenment riddle this masterpiece and should hopefully garner a lot of mainstream attention.

From James LaBrie’s stunning vocal range to bassist John Myung’s views in written form (and stunning melodies in THAT one, too…), drummer Mike Mangini’s stunning odyssey-continuing track to the aforementioned time-changing John Petrucci brilliance in an eight minute opus near the end, this beautiful piece of Dream Theater history which should easily be considered one of the best of all time!

Until next time, keep rockin’, guys and…

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# DXXV…Love My T’Wolves…and Happy Birthday in Heaven, Flip!!!

Switching from the norm (but I will be posting birthdays…after this announcement), the beginning of this post is all about how, after 30 years of being a die-hard Minnesota Timberwolves’ fan, I finally managed to grab a seat at nearby Madison Square Garden for last night’s Wolves/Knicks game to see “my” team play the game LIVE and very close!  Granted, I wasn’t courtside (because only celebrities can afford THOSE tickets)…but, from the vantage point that we (me and my ex-wife, who was my guest) had, I am not going to complain; as we were in Section 115 on the left-side of the court, I witnessed the game (which the Wolves won, ironically, 115-104) and, for my FIRST BASKETBALL GAME EVER, I am so happy today and will be for a long while!

Wearing my # 32 Karl-Anthony Towns’ jersey, I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to see him on the court (he was in a minor accident in Minnesota and was not allowed to play {for the FIRST time in his career} due to concussion protocol); however, the fact that the team, which included former New York Knick star Derrick Rose lighting up his former team with 20 points, persevered and won the game sets this Wolves’ fan’s heart afire!!!  From tipoff until the final buzzer, I was truly not disappointed with the outing.

Off topic, the thing that really surprised me (given the Knicks terrible state this season), was that I was in “enemy territory”, wearing the opponent’s colors…but I was definitely NOT ALONE!  I saw quite a few people in the stands with all the variations of Wolves’ jerseys (except for the special “Purple Rain” editions and the “Statement” aka highlighter-green one that I own) on the market!!!!

Another surprise was the fact that, given it was in New York, many Knicks fans were cordial to me after the loss of the hometown team…I was even greeted by one on the train ride home who congratulated me on “our” win…but furthered it by thanking the Wolves Nation for possibly cementing the Knicks future Number One draft pick (which, if you follow the sport, goes to the teams with the WORST record)!

Even though the Wolves aren’t exactly at the top of their game, they did this fan proud by continuing their winning (we’ll take 3 in a row, at this point; we play tonight in Milwaukee…) streak with me and my ex-wife in attendance and will (hopefully) keep playing as well to finish the season!!!!

Birthdays today include; late actress Majel Barrett-Roddenberry of “Star Trek” fame (1932-2008), actor Peter Fonda (1940), late blues guitarist Johnny Winter (1944-2014), former football giant Ed “Too Tall” Jones (1951), actress Patricia Richardson (1951), singer Howard Jones (1955) and late Minnesota Timberwolves’ coach Flip Saunders, whose son Ryan is now coaching the team (1955-2015).

Also celebrating are; former baseballer Bobby Bonilla (1963), golfer Steve Stricker (1967), FUBU founder Daymond John (1969), actress Niecy Nash (1970), actor Josh Gad (1981), comedian Aziz Ansari and actress Emily Blunt (both 1983), actress Dakota Fanning (1994) and current ‘Wolves phenom Andrew Wiggins {who had 17 points in last night’s game} was born in 1995.

Thanks for coming and, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON WOLVES \,,,\

# LXIII…aka My 21st on the 21st…UPDATED!

{Originally posted in 2013…}

Every time I sit in front of this computer, my mind decides to go into bipolar mode and tries to keep my time short here, mainly due to the fact that so few people have told me that what I’m doing here is good stuff.

But tonight, I’ve decided to explode people’s brains by expanding what should be a normally short blog (when you see the subjects, you’ll probably agree but this is my hobby and I’m kinda liking it!!!!)  Of course, this is about people whose birthdays I’ve noticed on Wikipedia…and their impact(s) in my life.

The first of the two (and, also, the younger) is someone you’ve heard about if you follow “sports entertainment”, aka wrestling…”The Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay (also known in the industry as Tyrus!).  Born in 1980, this gentle behemoth stands at 6′ 7″ and just knows how to “get down” (wrestling inside joke).  He’s really been making a name for himself as of late…happy birthday and many more to him!

The second birthday mention is also about a wrestler but this wrestler belongs on this blog…the Southpaw from San Juan, Carly “Carlito” Colon (1979), a second generation superstar who turns 40 years old today.  As a man who’s been in the business since 1999, he deserves all the southpaw kudos he can obtain…because he’s earned them.

Nothing much else noteworthy…I will now return you to your regularly scheduled lives!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

{Author’s Note: Also born on February 21 are; late “Golden Girls” star Rue McClanahan (1934-2010), DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen (1943), former “Cagney & Lacey” star Tyne Daly (1946), the late, very talented actor Alan Rickman (1946-2016*), actor Kelsey Grammer (1955), country diva Mary Chapin Carpenter (1958), Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe (1971), actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (1979), TNA superstar Crimson (1985), singer/actress Charlotte Church (1986), actress Ellen Page {“X-Men: Days of Future Past”} (1987) and actor Corbin Bleu {“High School Musical”} (1989).}
(* Died January 14, 2016.)

# DXXIV…For My Mom’s Cowboys…

Today, February 9th, is former Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback and punter Danny White (1952) and the only reason that he is important to me is because of my late mother’s fanaticism of the Dallas Cowboys, where he played from 1976 to 1988. He is currently the color commentator for the Cowboys and has been since 2011.

He also served double duty as their punter, which is kind of weird considering the sport and its’ nuances. I mean, quarterback who stays on the field in Dallas for all four downs…sorry, I am a Saints’ fan (no better, I know) and that tells you a lot about how football has changed since back then…but, at least, he did win a championship (Super Bowl XII) and you can’t take that away from him.

Late singer Ernest Tubb (1914-1984), late baseball star Clete Boyer (1937-2007), singer Carole King (1942), actor/comedian Joe Pesci (1943), actress Mia Farrow (1945), former “Who’s The Boss” star Judith Light (1949) and veteran actor Jim J. Bullock (1955) are just some of the stars who are twins of Mr. White.

Also on the list are; former New York Mets’ star Mookie Wilson (1956), former baseball journeyman John Kruk (1961), country superstar Travis Tritt (1963), sportscaster Ian Eagle (1969) and veteran wrestling diva Shelly Martinez, who wrestled in WWE as Ariel and TNA as Salinas was born in 1980.

Back with more from the left soon…

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`# DXXIII…Groundhog Day Celebration…and Debunking…

It has come to this writer’s attention that a lot of people are delusional when it comes to the traditional “Groundhog Day” festivities.  You know the ones…groundhog comes out of his hole and, if he sees his shadow and goes back in his hole, there will be six more weeks of wintery weather.  However, if he doesn’t see his shadow, there will apparently be a shorter winter.

Please allow me to set the record straight…on the calendar, the distance from February 2 to March 21 is about SIX WEEKS…tells you something, doesn’t it?

It is also the birthday of the following persons; Chicago Bears’ legend George Halas (1895-1983), author Ayn Rand (1905-1982), comedian Tom Smothers of The Smothers Brothers (1937), guitarist/singer Graham Nash (1942) and Lt. Data from the “Star Trek” universe, Brent Spiner, was born in 1949.

Also, on this superstitious date, are the following celebrators; “Dog the Bounty Hunter” star Duane Chapman (1953), former supermodel (and still vivacious) Christie Brinkley (1954), former San Jose Sharks’ phenom goalie Arturs Irbe (1967), Latina sensation Shakira (1977) and current New Jersey Devils’ right wing Jordin Tootoo was born in 1983.

Until next time from the left…

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