# CDXCII…Father’s Day 2018…

As most of you, my dear readers, are aware, I am the father of two beautiful daughters (ages 26 and 18) and I’ve told everyone here on more than one occasion about my feelings on this day; while being bombarded with “x% amount of savings on stuff for Dad”, I have come to realize that, from my own perspective, these “sales” are only for the companies that make money on a day where we should be grateful that our children are present in our lives, not a financial stepping stone for people to fatten their pockets.
For my “case in point” segment, please allow me to elaborate; by being allowed to enjoy a three-day weekend (for the pleasure and honor of being at my youngest daughter, Erin’s, graduation ceremony {from Collier High School in Wickatunk, NJ}), I got to experience a new-found sense of self-worth; because the feelings that I’ve experienced by watching BOTH of my children exceed their father’s milestones (remember, I only received my G.E.D. about 20 years AFTER I dropped out of high school), there comes the realization that excellence in character doesn’t have anything to do with your financial status!
Whether it has been witnessing Mena (my eldest) graduating from high school eight years ago (and her subsequent degree from college), or being part of the youngest’s life-in-general, I can tell you {personal feelings here} that there is NO AMOUNT of money in the world that can make me understand the pleasures of being a father BETTER than these moments!
All of the skinned knees, stubbed toes, hospital stays (when/if necessary) and trials and tribulations that come with raising and/or being a part of their lives are the reasons that I love being a father.  Sure, when times are bad, you just have to suck it up and deal with it…because the love of my children is worth more than any money, trinkets or baubles that these so-called “sales” can bring!
And, I wouldn’t take any amount of money to “substitute” my memories and the pride that I feel on this day…
A Happy Father’s Day shoutout, however, to my late grandfather, Fred Hughes, and my late father, Fred Johnson; as well as to all of my fellow constituents (all of you other fathers out there)…enjoy this day with your offspring…they grow up a little too quickly but it’s worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears.
/,,,/ ROCK ON DADZ \,,,\

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