# CDXCI…More Than “Monday Night Football”…(Book Entry Title)…

Today’s birthday celebrator is none other than country music’s legendary scion, Hank Williams, Jr., who was born May 26th, 1949. Most of you know him as the long-time opener to the popular “Monday Night Football” television program (1989-2011). However, being that he is the son of the famous yet short-lived Hank Williams, the man known as “Little Bocephus” has certainly staked his claim as a member of country music’s upper echelon.

He has posted 37 releases (since 1964) and is a winner of countless awards (Emmys, Country Music Awards and Grammys), which was not really brought on by his father’s “presence” in the musical industry (his father died when Hank, Jr. was four). As such, he relied on his own personal talent in the aspects of songwriting and singing, as that was something that he had inherited from his father.

A wonderful composer and musician, his birthday twins include; late “cowboy” actor John Wayne (1907-1979), late actor Peter Cushing (1913-1994), late actor James Arness (1923-2011), late musician Miles Davis (1926-1991), late social pariah Jack Kevorkian (1928-2011), sports commentator Brent Musberger (1939) and Fleetwood Mac vocalist (and talented solo artist) Stevie Nicks was born in 1948.

African-American actress Pam Grier (1949), late astronaut Sally Ride (1951-2012), comedian Bobcat Goldthwait (1962), singing sensation Lenny Kravitz (1964), actress Helena Bonham Carter (1966) and R & B songstress Lauryn Hill was born in 1975.

Thank you, as always, for enjoying my post…or, if you didn’t enjoy, thanks for stopping by…and be back soon!

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# CDXC (490)…Breithla Sona do Enya! (Post # 318 Updated)…

In my countless years of listening to and experiencing the music from my eclectic collection, none have been spent more productively than when listening to today’s birthday celebrator, the multitalented and multi-lingual superstar known as Enya (1961). Her music, while nothing short of spectacular, has been around since before most of you were born.

She sings in 10 different languages (some of the most amazing stuff you’ve ever heard), hails from Ireland, and (if you’re in a meditative mood) her music is mostly easy listening-type, melodically, because she is also an accomplished pianist and plays a lot of her own compositions, naturally.

Her eight studio releases, countless movie (soundtrack) appearances and calm, hypnotic voice is sure to evoke some pleasant memories…I know that, when I need to relax, I will pop in “Watermark”…just because that album is linear, for the meditating aspect. Also, her album, “And Winter Came…” is a perfect and shining example of how a Christmas album should be done!

Also, I have done a Saturday Spotlight on her, as she is in my Top 25 Artists of All Time…a stellar 35 year, critically acclaimed career, so she is no slouch when it comes to awesome (and different) music!

In closing, and just because I don’t want to list anyone else in this post, La breithe 57ú sásta Enya…and many happy more!!

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Also celebrating today are/were; late baseball player Cool Papa Bell (1903-1991), late veteran actor Dennis Hopper (1936-2010), former Yes drummer Bill Bruford (1949), actor Bill Paxton (1955), pugilist Sugar Ray Leonard (1956), former “Full House” patriarch Bob Saget (1956), sportscaster Jim Nantz (1959), talk show host Craig Ferguson (1962), Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor (1965), actress Paige Turco {the original “April O’Neill from the original TMNT movies} (1965), singer Jordan Knight (1970), football star Matt Cassel (1982) and basketball star Channing Frye (1983)}

# CDLXXXIX…Meeting Charlotte Wessels…


The picture above is due to the fact that both articles are signed by today’s birthday celebrant, Charlotte Wessels (1987), who is the vivacious lead singer of the symphonic metal giants Delain.  The poster, which was from the show previously covered on Post # 486 (CDLXXXVI), the day after the show, was given to me at Irving Plaza (for which I paid good money as a birthday celebration for myself) prior to the meet-and-greet with Delain and Kamelot.  I have been a fan of the band since discovering them on Pandora (the music-streaming service), due to the fact that American radio stations don’t even HAVE a channel for the brilliant music that her and her band mates (and COUNTLESS others) produce these days!

After performing with a band called To Elysium in the early part of the new millennium, she met former Within Temptation keyboardist Martijn Westerholt in 2004 for what she believed was a “one-shot” upstart, which became the superpower known as Delain, and since 2005, has been the lead vocalist (with her angelical ranged voice) and primary lyricist for the group.  She is also an authoress, as her debut novella, entitled “The Deviant Hearts”, was an accompaniment to a collaboration with her and Serenity vocalist Georg Neuhauser and Everon vocalist Oliver Phillips on a symphonic rock musical titled “Phantasma-The Deviant Hearts” and was released a few years ago as the “lyric sheet” for the “musical”.

The above picture, as I mentioned, has her signature on both articles…however, I neglected to mention to you the fact that only the poster was supposed to be signed by the band.  As I reached the table to have it signed, though, I pulled the lanyard from around my neck and politely asked Ms. Wessels to sign that…which she respectfully approved…and hers is the ONLY signature on it, making it a truly remarkable and unique item in my memorabilia collection!  As I have now been honored enough to have met her (and the band, naturally), I truly thank her from the bottom of my heart and, with this post, I think I have made up for the fact that her name is not in my first book, ROCK ON DUDEZ, and, for that, I apologize…as she more than deserves nothing but happy wishes for her birthday!

In my usual fashion, I now present her (and anyone else’s) birthday twins; late science fiction author Roger Zelazny (1937-1995), multi-talented actor Harvey Keitel (1939), late singer Ritchie Valens (1941-1959), veteran baseball manager Bobby Valentine (1950), NBA veteran Dennis Rodman (1961), political comedian/talk show host Stephen Colbert (1964), country sensation (and former frontman of Hootie and the Blowfish) Darrius Rucker (1966), actress-turned-martial-artist Imogen Boorman (from “Hellraiser III”) {1971}, former NHL star Darryl Sydor (1972) and actor Robert Pattinson {“Twilight”, etc.} was born in 1986.

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{P.S.:  To all the individuals in my life that it applies to, like my Mom and the countless others that I’ve met and/or have known throughout my lifetime (as the list is too numerable to name without someone getting upset), HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, as it is only by your grace and love that people like me persevere!!!}