# CDLXXX…For My Eldest’s 26th…

The picture above is the personalized Zippo that I had ordered in honor of my daughter Mena’s 26th birthday, which (in case you just crawled out from under the rock) is today, February 4th, 2018.  Although it may not seem like the ideal gift for someone who doesn’t smoke anything, please allow me to elaborate; firstly, the other side of the lighter (pictured here) is brandished with a stylish outlay of her birth sign, Aquarius…

Secondly, she was actually the one who asked for only the lighter itself; when it came time to click the “pay” button, it actually gave me the option of the lines for personalization (which I took full advantage of, as you can see…)

I try my best to do what I can for both of my daughters, when it comes to things of the monetary kind…I’m not rich by any means so anything that I can do to make them happy fills my heart with an immense pride that not too many people would understand!  This gift to my daughter seemed the very least that I could give her to, given my lack of an overabundant financial status, but it’s a gift that I know will last forever…just like my love and pride for her on this, her special day!

As I do every year, I now present most of her birthday twins (which she is always in amazement over, and some of the names should speak for themselves)…late aviation legend Charles Lindburgh (1900-1974), late civil rights activist Rosa Parks (1913-2005), late “Diff’rent Strokes” patriarch Conrad Bain (1923-2013), late comedian/actor David Brenner (1936-2014) and movie producer George A. Romero (“Night of the Living Dead”, etc.) was born in 1940.

Continuing this laundry list are; former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle (1947), rock-n-roll icon Alice Cooper (who we’ve both seen live) was born in 1948, actor Michael Beck (best known as “Swan” in the 70’s cult classic, “The Warriors”) joined the planet in 1949, New York Giants’ legend Lawrence Taylor (1959) and country legend Clint Black, who (in an odd coincidence) shares being born in the same hospital that I was born in {Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, NJ} joined us in 1962.

Finishing her twins’ list are; boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya (1973), singer Natalie Imbruglia (1975), rapper Cam’ron (1976), singer Gavin DeGraw (1977), wrestling sensation Chris Sabin (1982) and former Olympic medalist Carly Patterson was born in 1988.

To my daughter, I wish you nothing but the best that your 26th year has to offer.  Know that, for all the happiness that you’ve given me in your twenty-six years on this planet, the personalized Zippo was one of the very least things I could give you to make you happy!

/,,,/ ROCK ON MENA \,,,\




3 thoughts on “# CDLXXX…For My Eldest’s 26th…

  1. Your daughters are lucky, indeed, to have a father who loves them so deeply. You more than make up for any financial shortcomings with ypthe overabundance of your heartfelt sentiments for Men’s. I hope your daughter enjoys a magical 26th birthday!

  2. Sorry for my typos, James. That should have read: You more than make up for any financial shortcomings with the overabundance of your heartfelt sentiments for Mena.

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