# CDLXXIX…”History from my teenage years, literally…”

The above title is from the book, ROCK ON DUDEZ, directly…as today rings familiar memories on a “post” with only a few birthdays but historic events that resonate personally from my years before my adulthood…

# xiv…History from my teenage years, literally…

It has come to my attention that this date, January 28th, will go down in history not for its celebrities so much…it will be known for two historic events that have happened in my lifetime.  The first, which happened in 1985, with a music project called USA for Africa, where the hit single, “We Are the World”, which was conceived by a conglomeration of music superstars like Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Perry, Ray Charles and the like, raised money for support of the impoverished nation of Ethiopia.

The second happened the following year, in 1986, when the US space shuttle Challenger exploded after liftoff.  It was an event that I had witnessed in the school library at Dickinson High School in Jersey City and clearly remember being stunned by it.  In a related twist to my personal life, one of the astronauts killed was teacher Christa McAuliff, who shares the name of one of the grammar schools attended by my youngest daughter.

Now, in addition to knowing some historic events, I present the list of “twins” for you…actor Alan Alda (‘M*A*S*H’) was born in 1936, 70’s supermodel Barbi Benton (1950), NHL Executive Vice President Colin Campbell (1953), singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan (1968), TV personality Mo Rocca (1969) and former TNA personality Shark Boy (1975).

Finishing this list are; former boy band star Joey Fatone (from *NSYNC) was born in 1977 , current WWE superstar Sheamus (1978), former Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter (1980), actor Elijah Wood (1981) and “Smallville”s version of Lightning Lad, actor Calum Worthy, was born in 1991.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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