# CDLXXVI…Baby Shower for Pending Great Niece (11/25/2017)…

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the baby shower {which was held in Keansburg, NJ (right around where my late father had lived), at the American Legion Post # 237 on Carr Avenue} for my sister’s youngest child, Dawn Zitzman, and her beau, Yacir James, whose baby is due around Christmas of this year.  The party was hosted by Anthony and Jessica Zitzman (Dawn’s father and step-mom) and Yacir’s parents, Shanta and Owen James, whose families put together one of the best baby showers that I’ve ever attended.

As much as I’d like to state that I was out of place, as a lot of people (until I told them my reason of being a great uncle-to-be) seemed to think that it was weird for a man to just attend a baby shower, last night proved to me that the power of love between two people is more powerful than any “hatreds” that may arise.  A wonderfully diverse crowd of about 50 people, including the families of both of the younger parents, had given this writer the perfect outlet for this post.

As far as the baby shower itself (organized by my niece’s stepsisters), it had everything that was expected (games, raffle prizes, presents, etc.) and it was a really wonderful experience to be in the presence of these two families, as diverse as they were.  The foods of choice for this were more of a Caribbean-style (oxtail, jerk chicken, macaroni pie, etc.), which didn’t bother me personally {my boss and co-workers are all from that area, so I am aware…} and were just the perfect choice for all of the attendees.

Being that we (my sister/grandmother-to-be, my mother/great-grandma-to-be and my daughter Mena) had to travel to South Jersey from Long Island, we would have loved to have stayed for the entirety of the shower but, alas, we left a couple of hours before the “scheduled” time, due to the pending three-hour trip home.  Although we didn’t stay until the end, when the multitude of presents were unwrapped (there were TONS of gifts), what we did witness was proof that, in this day and age, diversity can work and be civil…as both families were courteous and very hospitable towards each other, and that was a very nice thing to witness.

In closing, I would like to say that, although I don’t get to see my niece (and her family) as often as I’d like to, I look forward to all of the precious memories yet to come.  Special thanks to Anthony and Jessica Zitzman (and their kids), as well as to Shanta and Owen James (and their family members), for a wonderful experience that I was more than happy to have been a part of!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\



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