# CDLXXIV…Rock Spotlight, Vol. X…”Revelation Highway”, Babylon, A.D. (11/10/17)…

After an almost 17 year hiatus (which feels about as long as it’s been since I’ve been here), the awesome rock band known as Babylon, A.D. (who started in the industry WAAAAAY back in 1989 with there smash self-titled debut) has released only their fourth studio album in their almost-30-year career, titled “Revelation Highway”.  As a long-time fan of the band (I was eighteen when the album was released…so, yeah, I pumped that album to 10 and let it play, and play, and play…), I was actually shocked to here of this album back a few months ago; so shocked that, when I saw the information on iTunes, I immediately preordered it.

Featuring the ORIGINAL members of this little-known quintet, and, as I mentioned, being that this album was released 17 years after their last album, this was a brilliant piece of rock history.  Now, I am aware that not too many of my personal fans know about this group but I have enjoyed this band since Day One.  I can tell you, as such, that this album was everything that I expected it to be when I preordered it…as it came with the song titled “Crash and Burn”.  Lead vocalist Derek Davis has not lost his touch; although his voice is much more experienced, which comes after almost thirty years, and that just adds to the allure of this album.

In typical Babylon, A.D. fashion, this collection of ten tracks, featuring the typical, mid-90’s power ballad, the track with a curse in it (not that it matters, personally), and the “love me and get out” tracks that a lot of bands from that era possessed.  As someone with an objective outlook on music, the band has simply gotten BETTER with age.  All of the chemistry, musically speaking, is even more potent than the original, eponymous release and I was not disappointed!

A must-have, if you know of the group and used to be a fan back in the day, this new album is definitely worth the price that I paid for it.

***** is the rating…thank you for listening and, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

{** Author’s Note:  The links below are the portals for the Kindle version followed by the PAPERBACK versions of my book, which is about my unique take on celebrity birthdays, music and more…thanks in advance and enjoy!!!}


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