# CDLXX…Wizard of Ozz @ Popei’s Clam Bar, Coram, NY…

Last night, at the Island-famous Popei’s Clam Bar in Coram, NY (just a stone’s throw from here), I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the best shows ever presented by our long-time favorite Black Sabbath tribute band, the one-and-only Wizard of Ozz.  As the show was presented in the Tiki Bar area behind the main bar (which was also as packed as the Tiki Bar itself), it provided me with an “up close and personal” view of their performance which has left my ears (and my head LOL) ringing with nothing but more excellent memories.

The outdoor setup for the show, wonderfully crafted by my brother-in-law Steve, Nick Traylor (John’s brother) and Steve-O with the rest of the crew, was pretty amazing, considering the square footage that they all had to work with.  To the outsider, however, who might have thought that the small space would not have done justice to the show…it just goes to prove how much BETTER that made the performance.  I can tell you, as I literally had a front row “seat”, that I have never heard the Wizard of Ozz play any better than I did last night.

As for the show, John, Petey, Brian and Dan (vocals, drums, guitar and bass, respectively) rocked the entire bar with another stunning rendition of classic Ozzy and Black Sabbath, as they normally do on any given night.  Whether it was from staples such as the classic “Fairies Wear Boots”, “Snowblind” or “War Pigs” (complete with amazing crowd participation), to the recent additions of “Black Sabbath”, “Into the Void” and “Dirty Women”, the smaller area made their sound an incredible thing to behold!

The band’s finales of the classic Sabbath tunes “Children of the Grave” (which featured supporting drumming by John’s daughter Briana) and the combined medley of “Sweet Leaf”/”Paranoid” at the very end were the tip of the iceberg for a wonderful show that left the crowd almost begging for more.

As it stands now, this has got to have been one of my favorite all-time Wizard of Ozz performances, due to the fact that I had a great perspective and was able to hear the amazing talent that has brought these guys to you, the public, for over 25 years.  If, in the near future, you read that this band is playing in your area, DO NOT MISS IT, as you will not be disappointed!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\




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