# CDLXVII…89 North Show, featuring Pump/The Wizard of Ozz, 07-01-17…

As most of you are unaware, last night I had the golden opportunity to once again see two of the premier cover bands that Long Island has come to offer; the wonderful Aerosmith cover band known as Pump (first time seeing this particular Aerosmith band) and the omnipresent masterpiece that has been doing this for almost 25 years, The Wizard of Ozz.  For those of you that were not in attendance, I think I can honestly say that this show, in particular, was a mistake for you to have missed!

The band Pump, which I don’t remember seeing before (too many memory gaps), went on first to a modest crowd of their adoring fans.  They did a very nice set, including many Aerosmith staples like “Toys in the Attic”, “Jaded”, “Walk This Way”, “Rag Doll” and “Dream On”.  Also included in their wonderful rendition were the smashes “Love in an Elevator”, “Sweet Emotion” and “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”.  For the two hours (?) that they played, the band actually had me debating myself on which Steven Tyler-based group was more entertaining (I’ve seen Ragdoll, another Aerosmith band, many times in the past)…however, I am not going to entertain that debate here, as Pump did a magnificent job!

As for the main attraction, I have spoken volumes about the Wizard of Ozz (proven by the myriad of posts on this blog devoted to them) and, last night’s show featured almost the same lineup as the show at Brody McKay’s in Selden a couple of months back; the bassist was the only “new” member since that show.  It featured the exact song set list from the April show; starting with “Black Sabbath”, “Fairies Wear Boots”,  “Into the Void” and “Snowblind” (featuring John’s voice wonderfully echoed), they rocked the crowd which packed the place for almost three hours!

Also during the night, the band (who sounded as crisp as they have ever been, with former member Brian Gabriel running the sound board, Pete Anselmo on drums and Brian Guinee from the Selden show on guitar) performed hits like the ever-present “War Pigs”, “NIB”, “Iron Man” and “Dirty Women”.  They also performed the hit “Children of the Grave”, which featured John’s daughter, Brianna, doing a back-up drumming role and, before leaving the stage, regaled us with the always-popular “Sweet Leaf” and, in a move that surprised people that haven’t seen it, finished with “Paranoid” (this time with Brianna behind the drum kit!!!)

With this venture in my cap, I have to thank John and the boys of the band, as well as the crew (my brother-in-law Steve, Nick Traylor and Steve-O, who are artisans of their craft and made sure everything was perfect with the performance) for yet another opportunity to focus on my endeavors as a writer.  As a die-hard member of “The Faithful” and as I’ve mentioned before, if you haven’t seen this incarnation of the band, it is clearly your loss; they’ve been around for a while and, hopefully, will be kicking ass for years to come!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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