# CDLXIII…Rock Spotlight Vol. IX…”Under Your Spell”, The Birthday Massacre (2017)…

When this band announced a PledgeMusic campaign to fund this new album, titled “Under Your Spell” (which features a silhouette of a “bunny-girl” skeleton embracing another shadowy grim reaper skeleton), I immediately and without hesitation did my part to kill the “bubblegum” that graces the airwaves.  As a man with a collection of music that DOESN’T include most of the moronic nonsense out there, this band is among my Top 50 (coming soon?!?) and this album is proof-positive that you’re missing out.

Before I get into the album, however, I would like to state my official position on this Canadian sextet (which I’ve covered in FOUR posts on this blog)…everything this band has put out since 2002’s “Nothing and Nowhere” is in my catalogue!  When I made my “pledge” (although a measly $16), it was with the intent of keeping them in my musical database because of their intelligence.  As true masters of their craft, this album is everything that is expected of them (in terms of recording music for all to enjoy!)

An 11-track romp through a Carroll-esque (“Alice in Wonderland”?) landscape of emotional highs and lows in dealing with life and, more specifically, love, it grabs you from the first song (aptly titled “One”) and keeps you enthralled, through Chibi’s haunting vocal styles, combined with Owen’s keyboard mastery with Rainbow and Falcore’s guitar prowess to finish.  The flow that this band has had since the beginning is something that everyone can enjoy.  The band is more tempered for the darker side (goth-synth?) and I can certainly relate to most of the subject matter on this album (as highlighted by tracks like the title cut, “All Of Nothing”, “No Tomorrow” (featuring two sides of Sara Taylor’s impressive vocals), “Games”, and “Unkind”.)

In closing, this is definitely a band that you should enjoy and this album is a five-star caliber album!  I suggest that you all mark June 9th on your calendars…you WILL NOT be disappointed!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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