# CDLXI…Personal Dia de los Muertes…

As today is the eighteenth year since my father passed on to the astral plane, I would also like to regale you another tale from my book (with a minor edit), as I’ve never used this time to tell you (on the blog, at least) about the other people born on this day…the following was published last year and, to my knowledge, has never been spoken of outside of my book…

RIP Frederick Henry Johnson (07/08/31 – 05/21/99)…a light forever missed…

# lxx…Wrestling’s Greatest “Ghost”…

{Author’s Note:  May 21st is the date that, in 1999, my father’s physical body left this earth…this is not a date that I celebrate normally…}

I have just found out that May 21st, aside from being the darkest day in my personal history, would have been the birthdays of late wrestling pariah Chris Benoit (1967) AND his wife, Nancy Benoit (1964).  Now, I don’t know about you but, to me, that is reason enough for me (to mention them), aside from the fact that, reportedly, Mr. Benoit killed his wife (two days before he committed suicide), who was the performer formerly known as Woman (in ECW and WCW).

It’s just one of the reasons that I love the unpredictability of the calendar…they knew they were born on the same day and got married, too…although the reasons for his supposed murder of his wife, being the tragedy that it is, will never be known, because he took those thoughts to his grave, regardless of what the media will say (they only let you know what THEY want you to, remember?)

Chris Benoit, by the way and for the record, should not have his wrestling accomplishments and great performances stricken from the annals of the WWE history…the matches alone speak for themselves, as does the skills in promotion of the craft.  Regardless of the acts that he has committed, his prowess in and out of the ring will be forever remembered by the truest fans of the genre.  I can remember countless matches with the man that were far superior then anything being broadcast today.

I understand the stigma that his actions have caused…but he is deserving of this spot because of his performances, not because of his final actions!

Also born on this dismal day are; late actor Robert Montgomery (1904-1981), late musician Fats Waller (1904-1943), late “Ironside” (among others) star Raymond Burr (1917-1993), former Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian (1923), former Braves’ manager Bobby Cox (1941), singer Leo Sayer (1948), actor/politician Al Franken (1951) and the ever-popular Mr. T was born in 1952.

Comedian Judge Reinhold (1957), late serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (1960-1994), former Minnesota Twins’ mainstay Kent Hrbek (1960), late rap icon The Notorious B.I.G. (1972-1997), actress Fairuza Balk (1974), former running back (yes, and former Saints’ bust, I know…) Ricky Williams (1977) and former Three Days Grace vocalist Adam Gontier (1978) {Author’s Note:  Check him out with the cello-based band Apocalyptica, as well} close this list.

Well, with this date now off my calendar, brighter days ahead…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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