# CDXLVII (447)…For an Unmistakable Actor…

Today, February 18th, has not been covered here…so here’s yet another excerpt (which I said I wouldn’t do but my view counter’s ascent cannot be ignored) for an actor that a lot of the younger generation knows nothing about…

# xxv…”Believe It Or Not!!!”…

The reason for the odd title is simple…back in the late 70’s, when I was growing up, a television show with that name was a nice escape from reality.  One of the co-hosts of that show was today’s birthday celebrator; late veteran actor Jack Palance (1919-2006), whom many of you may recall from one of his other, more recent roles in “City Slickers”.

In a career that spanned from 1947 until 2004, he starred in countless films and television shows.  However, it was HIS delivery of the above line on the show that would send shivers up one’s spine and that is what I’ll always remember about him and why he has earned this spot.

Also celebrating today, February 18th, are; late game show host/actor Bill Cullen (1920-1990), late veteran actor George Kennedy (1924-2016), world renown widow Yoko Ono (1933), Styx singer-songwriter and keyboardist Dennis DeYoung (1947), veteran actress Cybill Shepherd (1950) and singer Juice Newton was born in 1952.

The talented veteran John Travolta (1954), game show hostess Vanna White (1957), late Megadeth drummer Gar Samuelson (1958-1999), actor/director Matt Dillon (1964), rap mogul Dr. Dre (1965) and veteran actress Molly Ringwald {“Sixteen Candles”, “The Breakfast Club”, etc.} (1968) also share this date as their birthday.

Also, just in passing, I would like to point out that, on this date in 2001, the NASCAR racing world was turned upside-down, following the in-race accident that caused the untimely death of the legendary Dale Earnhardt…at least my cousin will appreciate seeing that, as he’s a rabid fan!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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