# CDXLI…Thievery of the Long Island Railroad, Part 1…

According to the latest rumor mills, the Long Island Railroad (which I’ve been riding every business day for six years and counting) is planning to yet again put another dent in my always-empty wallet by the time March rolls around.  If you’re not familiar with the latest propaganda, however, this would seem like a “well, they really need the money” type of situation.  For someone who rides this antiquated system daily, on the other hand, this is the exact moment that something should be (and, in this blog post) reported to the authorities.

I am aware, as most people with a head on their shoulders, that variables sometimes take precedence (for example, when someone gets sick on the train, weather, etc.)  This railroad line, though, has had more incidents regarding “equipment problems” that makes me and everyone else that rides question what this agency is actually doing with the exorbitant amounts of money that we pay them every month.

Now, I am aware of the fact that the older “equipment” (sorry, that’s what they refer to their employees as) has to be taken care of…but, with all the broken rails, trains breaking down due to faulty parts (which has made me scramble to make alternate routes) and lack of general “customer service” {every time you ask them any question about disruption of service is met with “I don’t know”}, one has to wonder what it is they plan to do with the copious amounts of cash they receive every month!!!!

I am so tired of hearing “We apologize for (insert reason here)…” that I’ve recently starting telling them to take a plate and drop it on the floor and apologize to it.  Did their apology put the plate back together?  No, and that’s the issue…their apologies mean NOTHING because the system is flawed and broken and, before their plates are filled with filet mignon and champagne with all the money, they need to address the fact that the entire system needs to be overhauled, so that trains DON’T break down (ever heard of preventive maintenance?) and rider satisfaction needs to be improved; remember, without the riders of your railroad, you would be out of a job!

As I step down off my soapbox, I am just hoping that someone in power will see this and really address fixing the above issues, as I (and, I’m sure, my other fellow commuters) have had enough of this “we need more money” bullshit that this world has come to accept!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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