# CDXL…(440)…Excerpt for a Mentor…

On this short, first post of the New Year, I guess (since it hasn’t been covered in my blog at all) it is time for the last excerpt (if you all want more excerpts, buy the book…) for posting about one of the reasons that I have pursued this so far…it is a very short book entry concerning a man that started my writing endeavors…

# ii…”Foundation” of My Dreams…

Today, January 2nd, is the birthday of the most esteemed writer that I could ever have called a muse for my writing knack…”Foundation” author Dr. Isaac Asimov (1920-1992).  His works have included, as well, the basis for the movie, “I, Robot”, and the movie “Nightfall”, which is along the same lines as the movie “Pitch Black”.  I had read the Foundation novels in my younger days as a stay-at-home bookworm.  His writing style was just so mesmerizing and captivating that I couldn’t help but feel a somewhat “kindred” spirit with the man.

If you’re a science fiction fan or you know of one, he is a multi-award winning author whose works are unsurpassed…Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mr. Asimov…may your light shine eternally!

Also, of note, today is also celebrated by; “Tonight Show” zoologist Jack Hanna (1947), former MLB hurler David Cone and retired Seattle Mariners’ mainstay Edgar Martinez (both 1963), pugilist Pernell Whitaker (1964), actress Tia Carrere (1967), actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. (1968) and actor Taye Diggs was born in 1971.

Short and sweet today…don’t know what tomorrow holds but maybe psychohistory will have the answer soon…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


2 thoughts on “# CDXL…(440)…Excerpt for a Mentor…

  1. Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heunlein, Herman Hesse and Dostoevsky were some if the “lightweight” authors whose works I absorbed at a young age. I’ve always been a big sci fan

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