# CDXXXIX…End-of-the-Year Pitch, 2016…

With the dreariest year’s end upon us, I would just like to start this post by thanking all of my “fans”; you have made it possible for me to fulfill my dream of becoming a paid writer, however miniscule it may be at the moment!  As we celebrate the pending 2017 edition of life, it becomes possible to reflect on everything up to this point…and, I must say, I’m not too thrilled; however, I am very thankful for what I’ve done so far.  I now have the drive and determination to do something more…which is why I’ve not been on as much in the past couple of months.

Aside from my career (28 years, as of January 4), an old flame has been rekindled for a much bigger story…details to come (maybe LOL).  Some of my “friends” on social media should know; I’ve had this particular flame in my head for almost 30 years (do the math; I’m 45…that should give you a clue).

This year has been pretty much the apex of where I’ve needed to be for a long time; I know I was placed here for my writing skills.  A true fact is that, on my GED scores (passed on first try, too), I scored lower in math {which I excelled at, by the way} than I did in the writing part of the test and that is why, however downtrodden I may be at any given moment, I am aware of what I must do.

I am very humbled by the fact that people actually appreciate my point-of-view, however skewed it may be…and to those that have touched my life by actually reading it, I thank you from the bottom of my soul!

With the above sentiments off my chest, the real reason that I’m here; as my current book is all about the calendar, and the fact that we’re about to flip ours tomorrow, I figured that it was high time I made one more valiant attempt at marketing my first book.  It is currently on sale on Amazon Kindle {“ROCK ON DUDEZ”} and contains tidbits from my own personal experiences and my love of celebrity birthdays.

You would be amazed at how many people ARE actually fascinated with them; this has been made evident by the number of “shocked” reactions when I speak of the book to the general public!  Here now is the last page of my first completed project…and, hopefully, so many more to come…

# cxcvii…”Can You Hear Them, Clarice?”…

In case you’re celebrating this New Years’ Eve as your birthday, you’re in elite company, as veteran actor Sir Anthony Hopkins was born in Wales on this date in 1937.  Critically-acclaimed for his roles in such memorable classics as “Silence of the Lambs” (where the above title is from), “Meet Joe Black”, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, “Legends of the Fall” and “Thor”, he has been a powerhouse in the industry since 1960.

Also celebrating on this laundry list of twins are/were; late “Arizona Cowboy” in Disney history, Rex Allen (1920-1999), late New Jersey-born actress Rosalind Cash (1938-1995), The Police (80’s rock band) guitarist Andy Summers (1942), late country crooner John Denver (1943-1997), talented actor Ben Kingsley (1943) and former “Animal House” co-star Tim Matheson was born in 1947.

Late disco queen Donna Summer (1948-2012), Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton (1951), actress Jane Badler {“V” 80’s TV miniseries} (1953), former “Frasier” co-star Bebe Neuwirth (1958), acting legend Val Kilmer (1959), former Mets’ hurler Rick Aguilera (1961), Anthrax (heavy metal gods) guitarist Scott Ian (1963), New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre (1972), electronic guru Psy (1973) and Apocalyptica drummer Mikko Siren was born in 1975.

Happy New Year to all…and thank you for gracing me with your presence on this “busy” evening…as always…until next year…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


One thought on “# CDXXXIX…End-of-the-Year Pitch, 2016…

  1. Hope 2017 is a happy, successful, loved filled year for you. I, too, have found a very special person who gives me hope for true love in 2017!

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