# CDXXXVII…Another Excerpt, for an Iconic Actor…

I realized a long time ago that there were some days on the calendar that hadn’t been covered on the blog, which is why I created the book in the first place.  Today’s date of December 4th is no exception, as I present to you the following piece about someone who ruled last year’s TV waves on the hit series, “The Flash” (now in it’s third season)…

# clxxxv…”Where Have I Heard That Voice?”…Part 1…

Today’s date, December 4th, just happens to be the birthday of the CW hit, “The Flash”’s, newest co-star, Tony Todd (1954), whose voice you are hearing as the voice of the second season’s main villain, Zoom.  His voice shouldn’t be strange to anyone, however; his movie credits include the horror classic, “Candyman”, and he’s been in such hits as “Platoon”, “Night of the Living Dead” and “Final Destination”.

His unmistakable voice is what sets him apart from the villains portrayed in the comic book based television universe.  As a fan of the show, however, I know that it’s just his voice being used…as he is not the yet-unrevealed person behind the mask…and that is what makes his presence in the show’s cast that much more awesome!

Also celebrating on this date are/were; late artist Claude Renoir (1914-1993), former game show (remember those?!?  Just me…?) host Wink Martindale (1933), late actor Victor French (1934-1989), former “The Beverly Hillbillies” co-star Max Baer, Jr. (1937) and musical legends Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon (1939) and Southside Johnny (1948).

In addition, superstar actor Jeff Bridges (1949), veteran actress Marissa Tomei (1964), rap mogul Jay Z (1969), model/hostess Tyra Banks (1973), TNA Knockout Brooke (1984) and actor Orlando Brown {“That’s So Raven”} (1987) are also celebrating!

Thanks for feeding my frenzy of the latest television crazes…at least in my own little “Earth”…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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