# CDXXXVI…Rock Spotlight, Vol. VIII…”Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”, Metallica (2016)…

In this latest installment of the Spotlight, I finally break a two-week hiatus with a recent release from my Number 2 band, Metallica.  After keeping away from my keyboard since it was put out on guitarist Kirk Hammett’s 55th (and also my nephew’s birthday…both events mentioned in my book; still on sale) milestone this year, I figured that this would be the time that I actually sat down and listened to it, stem to stern.

This is the band’s tenth studio release and, in true Metallica fashion (as I’ve been a huge fan; meeting them (minus Rob Trujillo, plus Jason Newsted)) in 1993 was one of the pinnacles of my short time on this planet.  Even though Lars insulted my San Jose Sharks, when they weren’t as good as they are now, I really respected the humility that they have shown in the last 30 years plus…this newest venture was very skillfully crafted, dealing with such subjects as PTSD, our reliance on technology and another Metallica throwback; Chtulhu, as well as a stunning tribute to late legendary icon Lemmy Kilmeister, this (in my humble and honest opinion) harkens back to their earliest releases like “Master of Puppets” and “Kill ’em All”, as well.

As most “fans” (the ones that dropped off after “St. Anger”) would say, and this has been indicated by hardcore fans like my brother-in-law, “Just when you thought you’d gotten out, they suck you back in!!!”  If I could give this album seven stars, I would, as it kicks ass in true Metallica fashion from beginning to end…a two-disc (well, three, as I have purchased it from iTunes) release features such hits like “Halo on Fire”, “ManUNkind”, “Am I Savage?” (an “Of Wolf and Man” “sequel”) and the throwback-style “Now That We’re Dead”.  Also, if you should happen to search on YouTube, I think they have released videos for EVERY song (definitely worth checking out!!).

I will be back soon…if my other projects don’t get in the way…until then, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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