# CDXXXV…An “Arrow” Shoutout…

As I usually do, after a brief “hiatus” (just me taking a break)…I have to provide you with this following tidbit from my book, as it is another in a line of posts related to one of my favorite TV shows…call me weird but it makes me happy and that’s all I have cared about here in the last four years!

# clxxviii…”Spartan” Birthday Greetings…

November 17th, if you’re lucky enough to celebrate it, is also the birthday of current “Arrow” and “Blue Bloods” co-star David Ramsey (1971), who is playing the newly-designated role of ‘Spartan’, the hooded vigilante aide to Stephen Amell’s ‘Green Arrow’.  As he also plays ‘Mayor Poole’ in the hit CBS drama “Blue Bloods”, this more than merits his place on my blog.

I will make a truthful statement, however; I have not witnessed his acting on the show “Blue Bloods”…this post is due to the fact that, as ‘John Diggle/Spartan’ since Season One of the hit CW show, his acting ability and love of his craft is what makes him worthy of the title of ‘celebrity twin’.

Also celebrating with all are/were; late actor Rock Hudson (1925-1985), folk/country star Gordon Lightfoot (1938), movie mogul Martin Scorsese (1942), actress Lauren Hutton (1943), diminutive actor Danny DeVito (1944) and Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels was born in 1944.

Former major league hurler Tom Seaver {whose 300th win I actually saw in person} (1944), actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (1958), entertaining personality RuPaul (1960), New Edition superstar Ronnie DeVoe (1967) and Hanson vocalist Isaac Hanson was born in 1980.

Thank you for coming, as always…it truly does mean a lot…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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