# CDXXXIV…Rock Spotlight, Vol. VII…”Brotherhood of the Snake”, Testament (2016)…

As you may or may not be aware, my Number Six band of my Top 50, Testament, a group that’s been tearing up the metal world since 1983, has just released their latest album, “Brotherhood of the Snake” and, as a true fan of the band (which had been highlighted by the 2013 concert at Roseland Ballroom), I can tell you that this album is a must-have for those like me who have followed the band since the beginning.  It truly does harken back to the early days of Chuck Billy’s wonderfully snarly, often majestic, voice.

Consisting of only ten tracks, this 2016 romp through the metal wastelands that only this band can produce; tantalizing time-signature changes and the lead vocalist’s ability to both scream and growl interchangeably is a true, pardon the pun, testament as to why I decided to pick up this album.  Also, considering the fact that most of the subject matter deals with highly controversial political views (one of their signatures, by the way…), I really enjoyed this latest release with the fervor that only a true fan of this music would understand.

From the high octane title track, which kicks off the album (in more ways than one), through the mostly four-minute tracks (only two are over five), this album is a great addition to an already Hall of Fame worthy collection.  Personal favorites of mine from this album are; “Born in a Rut” (very poignant and close to home), “Black Jack” (also personal, given my gambling abstinence {a year and a half, so far…Yay me!}) and the ninth track; a timely song called “Canna-business”…you can figure what that’s about!

A worthy addition to any metalhead’s collection, as far as I’m concerned and, considering that my Number Two group (Metallica) is due to release a new album this month, really makes me reminiscent of my teenage years…which both bands severely ROCKED!!!!

***** (Would give it six)…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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