# CDXXXIII…For One of My Many Supporters…

As this date hasn’t been covered, October 28th serves as a good jump-on point for me, as it is the birthdate of one of my book’s owners…a woman that I had the pleasure of meeting through social media (Hi, Beth!) and she was also friends with my late brother, Fred, as well.  Mentioning her birthday also allows me to give you all yet another snippet from the book…and she knows that this is truly an honor to me and hope she enjoys it and many happy more!

Also of note, in the book, this entry starts with the following words…

LOGUE DATE:  October 28…Although I could create a world of controversy regarding one of the names on today’s list (you’ll know it when you see it), I choose to steer clear of it in print…

# clxiv…My Own Karaoke Favorite…

Today, October 28th, is the birthday of country music legend Charlie Daniels (1936), whose multi-platinum hit, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, remains my all-time favorite song on the rare occasion that I go out and perform at my local karaoke bar.  His career started before I was even thought of (1950s-Present, according to Wikipedia) and his multi-instrumental talents (fiddle, guitar and bass), as well as being an accomplished vocalist are more than enough to put his name here.

Since there are a lot of names on the list, I hereby present them to you; late “Barney Miller” co-star Jack Soo (1917-1979), late baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn (1926-2007), veteran actor Dennis Franz (1944), actress/singer Thelma Hopkins (1948), former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner (1949), actress Annie Potts (1952) and computer mogul Bill Gates was born in 1955.

Actress Daphne Zuniga (1962), “The Lost Boys” actress Jami Gertz (1965), former talk show sidekick/comedian Andy Richter (1966), voluptuous actress Julia Roberts (1967), former Denver Broncos’ running back Terrell Davis (1972), country star Brad Paisley (1972), wrestling star Montel Vontavius Porter (1973), “American Idol” runner-up Justin Guarini (1978) and TNA ring announcer Christy Hemme (1980) finish today’s lengthy list.

Thank you all again for coming…many happy more to those celebrating…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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