# CDXXXI…Post-Vacation Logue 2016…

Having just returned from five wonderful days in my hometown (Jersey City, NJ), I figured that I would just say a few words describing just how wonderfully awesome this trip was to me.  The fact that I hadn’t had a full week’s vacation since November of 2015, combined with the need to see the city that raised me and to deal with “family” matters, provides me with ample tales to relate to you, my fans.

Firstly, a huge and heartfelt thanks is in order to my ex-wife, as without her continued hospitality, I would not have spent nearly enough time in the city…she was and always will be the light that brings me out of the darkness, and to my youngest child, as it was much needed quality time with her that prompted the trip in the first place.  In keeping with the “city”, I must inform you all that this trip was beneficial, as I completed the task that I meant to accomplish; more marketing for the book (still on sale on Amazon Kindle)!

However, in the four or five years since I made extended contact with my home, so much has changed that, although a lot of cosmetic changes are occurring, it even prompted me to step back in awe (and, in some cases, disgust; mostly regarding the addition of new buildings, especially the Journal Square office building that can now be seen from my old neighborhood!)  But, it had felt like I was home again…the first five days spent with my soulmate and my youngest made me feel alive in my spirit; I hope this euphoria never ends.

Whether it was karaoke attempts at the house or watching current movie releases (“Deadpool” was awesome!), the allotment of the time with them was very special to me.  The fact that I was in Jersey, promoting my book personally with old co-workers and storefronts that used to be visited daily only added to my feelings of the universe’s feelings towards me…meaning that, I think (for once), things are finally looking up for me.

All in all, it was one that I will not soon forget…and for that, I thank you all for allowing me to write, as I should and do always, from the heart…Until next time, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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