# CDXXVII…Rock Spotlight, Vol. VI…”Brave Enough”, Lindsey Stirling (8/19/2016)…

The post’s title is misleading…yes, I know…but since I don’t have an “EDM Spotlight” going, this is the best place to put this petite entertainer’s (as she both plays violin AND dances) latest release.  Being that her milestone 30th birthday is upcoming, as well (09-21-86), I figured that it was time to put my resources into procuring her third studio release, entitled “Brave Enough”.

The title of the album refers to her new-found joy in living her life and fulfilling the dreams that she’s had ever since she was little…I should know; I have an autographed copy of her book <“The Only Pirate at the Party”…great read, so far> and being that she went through some very emotionally-draining experiences (the loss of her good friend and keyboardist Jason Gaviati, aka Gavi, among others), this album was very reflective in spirit and a great addition to my eclectic collection.

The fact that 8 out of the 14 (the copy I have has two bonus tracks…more on that in a minute) are laden with guest vocals from the likes of Shiny Toy Guns vocalist Carah Faye, country duo Dan + Shay, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness’ Andrew McMahon does not mean that our heroine is “second banana”…it just adds to the fact that she is becoming one of the hottest acts to grace a stage.  Her execution of her trademark “violin dancer” is just flawless and this album’s instrumentals which dot the other half of this release are the reason that she has earned this place on my blogroll.

Favorite tracks of this author include, but not limited to; the title track (featuring vocal of Christina Perri), the ever-haunting style of “The Arena”, “Where Do We Go” (Carah Faye), the bouncy “Mirage”, “Something Wild” (Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness) and the track that includes a snippet of her late friend…the tributary “Gavi’s Song”, which (in my own humble opinion) tells of his influence on the entertainer’s ever-growing success; a beautifully crafted song that is a testament to her mastery of her craft.

Another rare “five star” album on this blog…but definitely worth your time and better than most of the garbage currently polluting the airwaves!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

Track List:  1) Lost Girls; 2) Brave Enough (Christina Perri guest vox); 3) The Arena; 4) The Phoenix; 5) Where Do We Go (Carah Faye guest vox); 6) These Days (Dan + Shay guest vox); 7) Prism; 8) Hold My Heart (ZZ Ward guest vox); 9) Mirage (Raja Kumari guest vox); 10) Don’t Let This Feeling Fade (Rivers Cuomo/Lecrae guest vox); 11) First Light; 12) Love’s Just a Feeling (Rooty guest vox); 13) Something Wild (Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness); 14) Gavi’s Song; 15) Waltz; 16) Afterglow

RATING:  *****


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