# CDXXVI…Milestone Memories…

On this fifteenth anniversary of one of the darkest days in recent human history, I have an excerpt just in case some of you are celebrating your birthday today…although it will forever be linked to one of the worst tragedies of my generation, we also cannot forget that someone, somewhere was borne into this screwed-up crazy planet that WE ALL call home…

# xcccvi…Although We Will NEVER Forget…

Today, September 11th, as most of you are cognizant of, in 2001, our lives as a country were forever changed by the horrific act of some cowardly religious zealots who altered the New York skyline for their so-called beliefs…and we will never forget…However, it is also a date that people were born on…and for that reason alone, I will present the following list…in case you celebrate, there are celebrities that celebrate, as well.

The September 11th Birthday Twins list; late collegiate coach Bear Bryant (1913-1983), late Dallas Cowboys’ coach Tom Landry (1924-2000), veteran actor Earl Holliman (1928), directing guru Brian De Palma (1940), former Styx/Damn Yankees’ guitarist/singer Tommy Shaw (1953), actress Roxann Dawson (1958) and actress Christy McNichol was born in 1962.

Also celebrating are; musician Moby (1965), wrestling manager Paul Heyman (1965), crooner Harry Connick, Jr. (1965), Jamaican rapper Elephant Man (1976), rapper/actor Ludacris (1977) and former Boston Red Sox star-turned-Yankee Jacoby Ellsbury was born in 1983.

Thus concludes this post dedicated in case you happened to be born on the worst date in American history…not that we will ever forget the almost-3000 lost that day!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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