# CDXXV…Uncovered Gem…for the “upcoming” “Holiday”…

September 10th, being that I hadn’t covered it before, turns into an earworm in my book…one that, don’t worry, you will be inundated with in the coming months; much to my (and probably others) disdain…as you’ll see from this final (?) excerpt…

# xcccv…”Feliz Navidad”…

Today, September 10th, for those celebrating, is also the birthday of “Feliz Navidad” singer Jose Feliciano (1945).  In case you’re too young to know who he is, Mr. Feliciano is a Puerto Rican guitarist; his abilities to play the guitar, as a blind man, are astonishing; he’s also covered The Doors’ hit “Light My Fire”…not too shabby, considering his career is well-known (since 1962!)

Of course, it is the titular song of this post that most of today’s generation will know him for…which is sad, considering the man’s amazing ability; admit it, if I hadn’t mentioned the fact that he was blind, you wouldn’t even know!  That’s why Mr. Feliciano, in my book anyways, rates as a true “celebrity twin” of noteworthiness.

As far as the other twins go, we have; golf legend Arnold Palmer (1929), late Yankees’ great Roger Maris (1935-1985), former basketball star Bob Lanier (1948), former wrestling star Don Muraco (1949), journalist Bill O’Reilly (1949), Aerosmith legend Joe Perry (1950), director Chris Columbus {“The X-Files”] (1958), former baseball fireballer Randy Johnson (1963), director/actor Guy Ritchie (1968) and wrestling star Matt Morgan (1976).

Sorry if I’ve taken up your valuable time…but thank you again for visiting!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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