# CDXXIII…Rock Spotlight, Vol. V…Delain, “Moonbathers”…(Released 08/26/16)…

The latest entry in the esteemed Spotlight Collection is the latest release from the symphonic metal giants Delain, whose fifth studio release, entitled “Moonbathers”, was just placed upon the planet…not that most of you would notice, as you seem to be brainwashed by the current garbage on the radios.  However, with my ever-growing eclectic collection, I am more privy to music that SHOULD actually be on the airwaves (hmmm…maybe something in the future? LOL).

This band’s lead vocalist, Charlotte Wessels, has a voice that, until this time, I hadn’t truly appreciated until now…as this album has a supposed theme which hits close to home (according to her, it is about death).  In this latest venture into the genre which I love so much, I can actually say that her voice is smooth enough to pull this off.  Not to mention, I’ve seen them live (where I got the Sonata Arctica autograph) and I hope that this group continues…as they truly have matured into the musical giants that they are.

Also of note, the album features what I consider a true masterpiece…the ninth track, a beautifully done cover of Queen’s “Scandal”…in my opinion, this is a wonderful tribute and acknowledgement of one of my generation’s greatest vocalists!  From beginning (“Hands of Gold”) to end (a wonderful almost-instrumental titled “The Monarch” with a poignant message), this album is one of my favorites of this band in my radar…and should be in yours!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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