# CDXVI…Black Sabbath Icon for Uncovered Date…

Since I haven’t been here since last Friday (July 8) and I haven’t covered this date on the blog, I figured that I would just do what I have been doing since I finished the “project” (which will be released only on Amazon Kindle on August 8)…I hereby leave you with the following excerpt…

# cii…Legendary Bassist’s Celebration…

Today’s date, July 17th, is the birthdate of original (and current) bassist, Geezer Butler (1949), who, in case you didn’t know, has been with the band {with a couple of exceptions for solo and other collaborative works} since its inception in 1969.  Originally a rhythm guitarist, he actually made the iconic switch to a bass when lead guitarist (and fellow southpaw legend) Tony Iommi refused to play with a second guitarist.  I think I speak for all the rock-heads out there in saying that that was the best deal ever, as without it, you’d never have Geezer on bass for classics like “War Pigs”, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, “Paranoid”, and the like.

As he has been an integral part of Black Sabbath and will continue to be until their Final Tour ends later this year, his style is loved by all in the rock industry; such iconic bassists like Jason Newsted (Newsted/Metallica), Les Claypool (Primus), the late Cliff Burton (Metallica) and one of my favorites, John Myung (Dream Theater) list him as their idol for his sheer brilliance.

His fourteen album releases with Black Sabbath, combined with the above-mentioned solo/collaborations, and the fact that he’s been playing bass since before most of you were thought of means that he’s more than certainly earned his place here…Many happy more to you, Sir!

Also celebrating on this fine day are/were; “Perry Mason” creator Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970), late super-actor James Cagney (1899-1986), late entertainer Art Linkletter (1912-2010), late comedienne/actress Phyllis Diller (1917-2012), actress Diahann Carroll (1935) and actor Donald Sutherland (1935) predate the Black Sabbath superstar.

Born after him are; veteran actor David Hasselhoff (1952), “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984) heroine Heather Langenkamp (1964), actor Alex Winter {“Bill & Ted’s…” movies/”The Lost Boys”} (1965), Symphony X drummer (and New Jersey native) Jason Rullo (1972), country superstar Luke Bryan (1976) and former TNA/WWE star Mike Knox was born in 1978.

Thank you for coming with me down “rock-n-roll memory lane”…it’s always my pleasure to bring it to you…and, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\ TM


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