# CDXV…85th in Heaven, 1st in my Heart…

Today, July 8th, for the uninitiated, is a date constantly covered on this blog, as it is the birthdate of my father, Frederick Johnson (1931-1999).  He was a man whose very nature I have been trying to emulate my whole forty-five years of existence.  As my father, he did his job by instilling in me the very values I hold most dear…my “family” is the most important thing to me and I try my best to be the good human that he wanted me to be.

On this, his 85th birthday, I just wanted to drop by and wish him (and any other soul out there willing to listen LOL) a very Happy Birthday from his youngest…as I know that he’s partying with his brothers and sisters on this special milestone!  He’s probably got a guitar in his hands, playing some 50’s and 60’s music and singing up a storm.

As for some of his “twins” born today, the inventor of Coca-Cola, John Pemberton, was born in 1831, fashion designer Hugo Boss (1885-1948), singer/actor Jerry Vale (1930-2014), comedian Marty Feldman (Igor from Young Frankenstein) (1934-1982), the very talented signer/actor Steve Lawrence (1935), actor Jeffrey Tambor (1944), and chef du jour Wolfgang Puck (1949).

The newest Morticia Addams, Anjelica Huston, was born in 1951, Footloose star Kevin Bacon (1958), country superstar Toby Keith (1961), “Uncanny X-Men” artist/writer Whilce Portacio (1963), folksy artist Beck (1970), and guitarist/singer Elias Viljanen of the group Sonata Arctica (who I will be seeing in September) was born in 1975.

Thank you for listening and…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DAD!!!! \,,,\


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