# CDXII…Happy Father’s Day, 2016 Edition…

On this morning, June 19, the calendar states that today is Father’s Day, 2016, and, as with every year, you’ve probably been bombarded by now with advertisements of how to save on “everything for Dad” from the myriad of businesses that thrive off the fact of taking your money to appease their pockets.  I for one, however, do not subscribe to any of those “ads” because my thought (as I’ve mentioned a slew of times before) is, without my beautiful daughters, Mena (24) and Erin (16), the “holiday” would mean absolutely nothing!

Being that this society has now based almost everything on material possessions, I would like to state that I really haven’t been a “model father”…you know the type; Dad provides children with cars, money, etc., sends them off to college (all-expenses-paid) and continues to nurture the kids even after they’ve left the “nest”, etc.  The thing that I’ve just recently realized, however, is that the time and memories of raising my two girls so that they become good, law-abiding citizens (for the most part) is more than any father could ask for.

At this time, I may not be able to properly show my “materialistic” side to them, as this society has just become so screwed up by the fact the “money rules all” but, in the end, I have seen my children through the hells of growing up in the city (not easy) and into the wonderful age of the teenage years and beyond.  My only hope is that they continue their quests for greatness, for which (I hope) I will be there to offer my knowledge to place them in the proper direction.

To my children, thank you both for bestowing this wonderful honor, a fact that I would never change for anything.  Also, big shout-outs to my father (Fred) and my late brother (also Fred), as I know you’re both nodding in approval from Heaven; as well, to my elder brother and brother-in-law, Steve, I wish you guys nothing but the best today and hope that your children do the same!

To all of the men who celebrate today but cannot (or will not, for whatever stupid reason) be by their offspring, the only thing that comes to my mind is that you should really attempt to be with your children…the time that one spends with their “creations” is time that is always precious and time that is never wasted and will provide you, their father, with pride in knowing that your best work is caring for them, which is what we’re ultimately placed here for.

I know exactly what I need to make this Father’s Day (and, of course, all the ones preceding and to come) the best day for me…and it doesn’t involve discounted ties, watches or suits…”Happy Father’s Day” wishes from my children is the only “present” that I’ve ever been interested in, since 1992!

Until next time…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DADZ \,,,\


One thought on “# CDXII…Happy Father’s Day, 2016 Edition…

  1. Happy Father’s Day Jimmy!! ❤ and Happy Fathers Day to all my friends, family and loved ones!! Especially to my father and all the other fathers in heaven!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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