# CDXI…Another Uncovered Date…Shockingly!…

Today, June 16th, is a date that amazes me because I’ve never covered it.  If you’ll follow me on this strange trip through musical madness, I have another surprise in store; in the form of a new entry, you’ll see why this date SHOULD have been talked about…

# lxxxv…My Number One’s Original…

Today, June 16th, as it turns out, is the birthdate of the original vocalist for Dream Theater, Charlie Dominici (1951), and the reason that his name just happens to go here is due largely to his association to the group and nothing else.

He only appeared on their first release, “When Dream and Day Unite”, in 1989…which was before the release of their smash hit album “Images and Words” (with James LaBrie at the helm).  He was described by ex-drummer Mike Portnoy as “a good singer in the wrong band”.  He has, however, released his own, self-titled works after that so he obviously persevered in the business after them.

Also celebrating today as their birthday are/were; late “March of the Wooden Soldiers” co-star Stan Laurel (1890-1965), late actor Jack Albertson (1907-1981), late puppeteer Jane Henson (1934-2013), singer Billy “Crash” Craddock (1939), actress Joan Van Ark (1943) and former Minnesota Timberwolves’ coach Rick Adelman was born in 1946.

Born after Mr. Dominici are/were; pugilist Roberto Duran (1951), actress Laurie Metcalf (1955), late wrestling legend The Ultimate Warrior (1959-2014), former hardcore wrestling legend The Sandman (1963), southpaw-stanced golfer Phil Mickelson (1970), late rap pioneer Tupac Shakur (1971-1996), baseball pitching star Kerry Wood (1977), basketball’s Rick Nash (1984) and “American Idol” runner-up Diana DeGarmo was born in 1987.

Until next time…heaven only knows when that will be…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\  ™


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