# CDX…”The Best Laid Plans”…

The odd title for this morning’s post is due to the fact that, although last night was supposed to provide me with some material for a post about long-time icons Stryper (as well as supporting acts Lost Legacy and Headstone 118 at Stage 48 in NYC), the Powers-that-be had other plans…due to a soundboard malfunction, the show was rescheduled (thankfully so) for July 24, 2016.

I don’t really mind that, considering that I paid for the tickets (for what I thought was a meet-and-greet with the band {error on MY part}), because my sister, my ex-wife and I were there on time but sat around for two hours until they made the announcement of the rescheduling…at least I will get to see a show; now, I just have to wait until next month to see them.

From my personal point of view, everything except the soundboard issue was perfect; the weather was a little breezy yet the sun shone like a beautiful June day should have it.  My ex-wife (who may not make the second trip) had joined me and my sister in the city, according to plan, and we made it there on time (something the universe could have prevented LOL).  After the cancellation, we proceeded homeward, stopping for “refreshments” along the way, and saw each other on our merry little ways.

I don’t have anything further to say about the cancelled show; I love the band and WILL be there on July 24th to see them…I just hope that the Powers-that-be will allow it next month.  I would have loved to spin tales of the brilliant musicians involved in the show but now it will be in a post next month after it happens.

On another “best laid plans” note, however, congratulations are in order to the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team, as, last night in Game 6, they defeated the San Jose Sharks to win the Stanley Cup.  Normally, stuff like that wouldn’t be announced here but, due to the fact that my favorite team (Sharks, naturally) was in their first-ever bid for the ultimate hockey prize but fell short, I wanted to etch the note that I am not unhappy with the loss.  It just means that my team, after 25 long years without a championship, will have to make changes and persevere to make it there next year (we hope)!

As far as birthdays go, today is the birthday of; late TV/radio host Ralph Edwards (1913-2005), late actor/comedian Paul Lynde (1926-1982), actor extraordinaire Malcolm McDowell (1943), Bad Company/Heart guitarist Howard Leese (1951), comedian/actor Tim Allen (1953), actress Ally Sheedy and journalist Hannah Storm (1962) and comedian/stuntman Steve-O was born in 1974.

Thankfully, my father always taught me the lesson started in today’s title…which is why I am going to be patient enough to wait until July 24!  But, until then, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\  ™


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