# CDVIII…Fifth Excerpt…

On this fifth day of June, 2016, which has not been covered in any previous years on this blog, I figured that I would grace the “reading” community with the fifth uncovered excerpt from the unpublished “project”…which is aptly about a member of my sports-rooting community…

# lxxx…Milestone “Post” for a Milestone Player…

On June 5th, 1983, this world welcomed in current New Orleans Saints’ wide receiver Marques Colston…and the world of football has never been the same.  Born in nearby Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this one-time champion (Super Bowl XLIV, where the Saints defeated Archie’s son Peyton as severe underdogs!) and record-holder (most receptions in first two seasons at 168, Saints’ all-time receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns) was a key driving force in the championship win over the dreaded and current Denver Broncos’ quarterback.

He is a man that, in his short time on this planet so far, has had an impact on almost everything he touches…he is a current minority owner of Arena Football’s Philadelphia Soul (as is New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi) and is the recipient of the 2013 Ed Block Courage Award, which is given to the person chosen by their teammates as best examples of inspiration, sportsmanship and courage…which speaks volumes about the man’s character.

Hopefully, speaking as a Saints’ fan since 1989, he will continue his career and finish with them…which, in this day and age, could go either way…Many happy more to you, Marques, as you more than deserve your place here…GEAUX Number 12…

Also celebrating on this short list of celebs are/were; late lawman Pat Garrett (1850-1908), late Mexican general Pancho Villa (1878-1923), late veteran actor Robert Lansing (1928-1994), former journalist Bill Moyers (1934), late actor/screenwriter Spalding Gray (1941-2004), New England Patriots’/Revolution owner Robert Kraft (1941), author/television host Suze Orman (1951) and Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain {1983-present} was born in 1952.

Actress Nancy Stafford (1954), saxophone maestro Kenny G (1956), “Law & Order” mainstay Leslie Hendrix {medical examiner Elizabeth Rodgers} (1960), actor Ron Livingston (1967), crooner Brian McKnight (1969) and fellow southpaw Mark Wahlberg was born in my birth year, 1971.

This concludes this June 5th post…now back to your lives and thank you for reading!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\  ™


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