# CDVII…Rock Spotlight, Vol. IV…BABYMETAL, “BabyMetal” and “Metal Resistance”…

This special edition post is something that I’ve been putting off for a month now and it’s driving me batty, to be honest.  This band, which has been featured on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (according to recent research), has been on my mind since my late brother mentioned them shortly before his passing last year (some five years after their 2010 debut on the music scene).

As you can tell if you’ve been paying attention to social media (they have quite a vast selection of videos on YouTube, as do a lot of people these days…), they are a Japanese addition to the musical world, which is why they are in my collection, as they are a spinoff of a highly-popular J-pop group known as Sakura Gakuin.  In addition, they have worked with heavy metal “giants” DragonForce, on maybe a couple of tracks.

With the stage names of Su-Metal, Yu-Metal and Mo-Metal, and along with their traveling bandmates (one of which I think is a left-handed guitarist), they have struck a very resounding chord in my musical appreciation of the universe.  I cannot understand much of what they are singing but, in my opinion at least, language has no boundaries, as the energy that they are bringing to the metal community (and Rob Zombie also approves) is off the charts.

Being that your interest my have been piqued by this post, rest assured as this band looks like it is here to stay…at least I hope so.  With such hits as the ever-popular track that they performed on the American TV show, “Gimme Chocolate!!!” and, of course, the first track on the first album, “BabyMetal Death” (which starts of with an almost spiritualistic choir), the highly-addictive “Song 4”, and the “J-pop” classic “Doki Doki Morning” on the first album and, on their sophomore venture, have such hits as “Amore”, the upbeat “Awadama Fever”, “KARATE” and an English track called “THE ONE”, they have enthralled TENS OF THOUSANDS of screaming metal fans, which they command at their live performances…and my brother was right in finding them for me.

I have done my job introducing them to you…what you do with this knowledge is up to you.  Thank you, as always for coming, and maybe I will be moving up in this world…as I might try something weird really soon…but until then…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\  ™


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