# CDIV…For Sister-in-Law…

As shocking as this may be, I actually haven’t posted on this date, either…shocking because it happens to be the birthday of my sister-in-law (my late brother’s ex)…that and the fact that it is also Cinco de Mayo…which brings me to my next excerpt, just for all of you celebrating either one today…

# lxiii…Cervezas for Everyone (Cinco de Mayo)…

For years, and like so many other Americans in this great nation, I have mistaken today, May 5th, as the celebration of Mexico’s independence.  As I have just learned, however, it is actually the celebration of a military victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.  It was, in history’s opinion, the “David vs. Goliath” of the 1800’s, as the much-larger 5000 troop French army was wiped out by the 2000 or so Mexican rebels.

This invasion by the French at that time was due to an order by Mexican President Benito Juarez to suspend payments of debts, due to his country’s Reform War (1858-1861), which had left Mexico in dire straits financially.  The British and Spanish peoples, who were also a target of the loan repayment issues, negotiated with Mexico and were fine with the outcome.  France, which at the time was under Napoleon’s rule, did not take that lightly and sent the fleet to Mexico…and the rest, as they say, is history.

For those that are unaware, like I was, the TRUE date of Mexican Independence Day is September 16th

Now, on to the list for today; late actress Ann B. Davis {“Alice” from “The Brady Bunch”} (1926-2014), veteran raspy-voiced actor Lance Henriksen (1940), former “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” alum Marc Alaimo (1942), late country diva Tammy Wynette (1942-1998), actor/comedian Michael Palin (1943), former “Sliders” co-star John Rhys-Davies (1944) and former MTV veejay Kurt Loder was born in 1945.

Black Sabbath drummer (and co-founder) Bill Ward (1948), actress Melinda Culea {“The A-Team” 80’s series} (1955), Overkill (heavy metal) lead singer/bassist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth (1959), Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie (1963), actress/singer Tina Yothers (1973), former “Boy Meets World” co-star Danielle Fishel (1981), current “Superman”, Henry Cavill (1983) and renowned singer Adele was born in 1988.

Be back soon…not sure when…busy schedule, and all…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\ ™


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