# CDII…DING! Level 45!!!

On this date, in Long Branch, NJ in 1971 (same hospital as Clint Black LOL), I was born into this world…for better or worse…and, although many of you youngsters out there may consider me an old-timer, I like to think of myself as more experienced!  Considering the facts that I have completed my first (hopefully not last) book and I am soon to hold a registered trademark, I think I am doing pretty okay.

While I’m here, I might as well thank my beautiful daughters, whose 24 and 16 years, respectively, with me on this orb have provided my life with the “silver linings” to my dark clouds!  My family, whose praises I sing on this blog all the time, have also been an integral part of why I’m still doing this…faith means everything, considering my own faith in myself is tainted at times LOL.

As with all of the dates that I’ve covered here, if you look in my archives on whichever device your using and feel free to browse…I’ve covered this date at least twice and I am a little pressed for time on this post, as I do have a career to attend to!

Thank you for coming and, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\ TM


One thought on “# CDII…DING! Level 45!!!

  1. Happy Birthday James! Hope this marks the beginning of great things to come!!
    All best wishes from Mari & Joe (6:17 LIRR)

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