# CCCXCVII…All Fool’s Day…

On this first day of my birth month, I present to you the following excerpt from my as-yet-to-be-published “project”…as I also have a minor subtle announcement at the end…

# xlviii…”All Fool’s Day”…

The beginning of my birth month, April 1st, is also known in modern times as “April Fool’s Day”.  It has come to my attention that our society is generally unaware of how it purportedly was turned into such a scamming “holiday”.

You see, according to Wikipedia, New Year’s Day used to be celebrated in the Middle Ages on March 25 in most European towns.  However, due to the Edict of Roussillon in 1564, the date for New Year’s Day was changed to the modern January 1…which left people celebrating the “old” March New Year’s Day as “April Fools” (supposedly).

There are a lot of countries, however, that don’t celebrate a typical American “April Fool’s” tradition of pranking someone.  As a matter of fact, some countries have games and such, like attaching a paper fish to the individual or asking “couriers (victims)” to deliver an “important message”, only to find out the “message” is to be delivered to someone else, leading the “fool” on a wild goose chase.

Others celebrating this date are; former New Jersey governor Brendan Byrne (1924), late actor Gordon Jump {“WKRP in Cincinnati”, etc.} (1932-2003), singer/actress Debbie Reynolds (1932), veteran actress Ali MacGraw (1939), retired MLB veteran Phil Niekro (1939), former major league catcher Rusty Staub (1944) and Jamaican singing star Jimmy Cliff was born in 1948.

“Superman III”s ‘Lana Lang’ and “Smallville”s ‘Martha Kent’, Annette O’Toole (1952), singer/actress Susan Boyle (1961), former New Jersey Devils’ phenom Scott Stevens (1964), rapper/actor Method Man (1971), actress Bijou Phillips (1980) and “sports entertainer” Randy Orton was born in 1980, as well.

Lots more to come this month…most important month of the year for me…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


Now, for the “subtle” announcement…and, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\ ™


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