# CCCXCIV…Rock Spotlight, Vol. III…Anthrax, “For All Gods”…2016…

In an album released only yesterday, February 26, the latest release from the Big Four of heavy metal, Anthrax, has released their latest CD, entitled “For All Gods”…and, typical of an album from a metal band that has been around since 1981 (not bubblegum, people), it is reminiscent of my teenage years…back when headbanging ruled the world.  It is a gritty, no nonsense, kick your head in with melodies that will send you to places you’ve never seen before musically…every note with precision after all this time.

The band’s eleventh studio release is nothing short of phenomenal…from the opening track, a seven minute plus epic called “You Gotta Believe”…which starts off almost symphonic in nature, grabs you by your face and thrashes you in to hits like the third and title track, which, in itself, is five minutes of pure metal genius.  Another five-star romp into metal mastery with hits like “Blood Eagle Wings”, a seven-minute plus epic in thrashing insanity and vocal genius unlike most of these so-called pop stars.

Also of note, the ninth track, “All of The Thieves”, spins a web of melodic intricacies that will not let go, and the final two tracks, “This Battle Chose Us” (itself a wonderful tune, in the style that it was written) and “Zero Tolerance”, which explains what you would experience upon leaving this mortal plane…it just grabbed me from beginning to end as a fan of this band (and every other one in the Big Four {Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer}).

Hopefully, you will find it as enjoyable as I did…until the historic Monday post…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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