# CCCXCI…For My Eldest Again…

A true, musically-related post…as today, February 4th, is the birthdate of my eldest child, Mena…on a particularly overcast evening at the house I was staying at near my cousins in Highlands, NJ, I was looking to the skies and I was immediately struck at the irony that had happened at that moment…after being told that my ex-girlfriend (aka Mena’s mom) was carrying my child and forever ending my need for Father’s Day gifts (as my children ARE my gifts!!!)

It turns out that the song that was playing was the hit by the German ubergroup The Scorpions, called “Send Me an Angel”…and that song is prevalent in my collection as a true herald of my life after that moment, as Mena has surpassed me (which is one of my proudest decisions) by not only graduating from high school in her 24 year (so far) life but also graduating from college!

As for her birthday twins (as well as anyone else celebrating); pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh (1900-1974), late activist Rosa Parks (1913-2005), late “Diff’rent Strokes” patriarch Conrad Bain (1923-2013), actor David Brenner (1936), superior director George A. Romero (1940) and former Vice President Dan Quayle (1947).

The always incredible Alice Cooper (1948), “The Warriors” co-star Michael Beck (1949), former NFL great Lawrence Taylor (1959), fellow hometown (Long Branch, NJ) country legend Clint Black (1962), pugilist Oscar de la Hoya (1973), rapper/actor Cam’ron (1976) and former TNA star Chris Sabin was born in 1982.

Another year, another birthday post…thanks for coming and hope you have a wonderful day…especially you, my child…for without you and your sister…


One thought on “# CCCXCI…For My Eldest Again…

  1. Joy Creegan says:


    Happy Birthday MENA! Best Wishes for many more! Have a wonderful day!!!

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