# CCLXXIX…Alles Gute zum Geburstag…

Sorry for the title; it is specifically there to wish my ex sister-in-law, Petra (who is German) a Happy Birthday!  She is the ex-wife of my older brother and all-around wonderful person…if you don’t happen to get on her German side LOL.  Although she would not relate her age, she must be about 27 (all women are after 25, though).  She is a great friend and trusted member of my family and many happy more!!

For this abbreviated post (bigger post tomorrow…for my daughter), the list of twins include; former quarterback Fran Tarkenton (1940), Dave Davies, the guitarist for the band The Kinks (1947), actress Morgan Fairchild (1950), MLB star Fred Lynn (first All-Star Game grand slam) was born in 1952 and versatile actor Nathan Lane was born in 1956.

Also born today are wrestlers Marty Jannetty (1960) and late wrestler Kerry Von Erich (1960-1993), basketball player Vlade Divac (1968), rap sensation Daddy Yankee (1977), “Pitch Perfect” star Rebel Wilson (1986), and rap star Sean Kingston was born in 1990.

Be back tomorrow…if you don’t know why, then you don’t visit me enough LOL

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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