# CCCLXXXIX…Rock Spotlight, Vol. II…”Dystopia”, Megadeth (January 2016)…

I would like you all to take notice; this is the brand-new release from a band that has been ruling the metal community since 1983…Megadeth.  Their fifteenth album release, “Dystopia”, is not your “bubblegum” music by any means…Dave Mustaine’s unmistakable voice runs this album from hardcore beginning to short, in-your-face end, with his band’s unique musical compositions (the notes, on the whole) and anti-establishment lyrics that make up this latest gem.

From the opening track, “The Threat is Real”, to the end of the thirteenth track, “Foreign Policy”, Dave and the boys take us on a dystopian look into the future that this great nation will arrive at, with the lyrical wonderment that only Mr. Mustaine’s gravelly voice can allude to.  Combining his mastery of the guitar and composing some of the most brilliant time-signature changes is something that he’s perfected over the years.

This is an almost-five-star album from beginning to end (the only four-star track is the last one, as it’s too short to be totally enjoyed)…and it proves that, after 30-plus years in the industry, if you weren’t told about this band, then the band’s music is topical…as the “bubblegum” media is winning!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\



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