# CCCLXXXVI…Rock Spotlight, Vol. I…Stryper, “Fallen” (Oct. 2015)…

In this brand-new-for-2016 series, I bring you the first of the new Rock Spotlight subclass…as I, among with many of my “fans” may have noticed, am sick to death of the current state of the way music is run in this country.  In the matters of the “bubblegum” generation, where things are dumbed-down and “politically correct”, I find no other sickness that needs attention than that of music today.

With this first entry, it is with great pleasure that I “introduce” all of you to one of the most underrated bands in rock and metal history; Stryper.  This quartet of Christian metal pioneers (yes, I said it…Christian heavy metal) has been on the scene since…are you ready for it?…their 1984 release, “The Yellow and Black Attack” and has amazed this listener (who, personally, has very little relation with the Lord above) at their unique way of conveying their message in and around their awesome melodies!

On this, their 11th studio album, their songs about our Creator and their love of Him is clearly evident in songs like “King of Kings”, the epic, 4-minute finale, the opening track, the almost-hymnal “Yahweh” and the sixth track, “Love You Like I Do”, which, like many of their songs over their 30-plus year career, can be interchanged with everyday people.  Their biggest hit, in my opinion, on this album is the fourth track aptly titled “Big Screen Lies”…the reason this song is so different is because it was written based on our unfortunate society’s “bias” to religion.

As I mentioned, I’m not the world’s most devout person but, in terms of music and life in general, these four rockers should be among the upper echelon just for their sheer willpower in generating such love for “The Calling” (sorry, penultimate track title)…and, if it were up to me (which it is here, anyway), we should all be singing “To Hell with the Devil” (third album); I mean, we all say “In God We Trust” (fourth album, 1988)…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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