# CCCLXXXV…Banner Year 2015 Recap…

As the previous year, 2015, is now a (not-so-distant) memory, it has come to my attention that, even though this past year was one of the darkest in my recent life experience, it was {for this blog, anyway} a year that is deserving of informing you, my fans, that things are not always as dark as they seem.  As they say, sometimes the things that make you think are bad turn out to be blessings-in-disguise.

With the end of my side project clearly in my crosshairs, and as I presented last year, it makes me prouder than I’ve ever been that I’ve continued this blog for a little over three years…as most of my “fans” are aware, this almost didn’t see it’s first total year, as I mentioned (more than once) that I almost stopped writing when my view counter was stuck at zero for too long.  As with all things writing related, however, I am glad that I’ve continued here, due to the fact that, the more that I write, the happier I am personally!

Before presenting my little “insider stats” about this past year, I would like to thank everyone on this little blue marble that has made a ping on this site; as without you, my readers, I would probably be languishing in a dank, dark place that I really don’t want to go back to, as I use to spend more time “there” than was necessary.  In addition, to those that were lost in this past year, we will always have the memories of great times to keep us moving forward.

I am grateful to the record 70 viewers on August 9th’s post (# CCCXLVI, if you’d like to search); however, it pains my heart a bit that I barely break double digits on a post-by-post basis.  A total of 144 new posts, with a record-setting 1640 views (only 15 more than last year)…however, my number of visitors increased from 897 in 2014 to 1108…a jump of 211 total people that have come here.

In keeping with that motive, please note that I cannot write the entire 90 countries that have viewed my blog in the last three years…it would take up 1000 words alone.  I would like to note that the increase in the last year was up about 18…not too shabby for a guy that isn’t getting paid…yet!

On a personal side note, I need to mention that we’ve all lost very important people…aside from my brother and some very close personal friends who are too numerable to mention on this post at this time…they know who they are and so do the people that know and love them.  I need to personally thank you all for making 2015 the best year this hobby could have provided…I am happy beyond words!

For those celebrating today as your birthday, among your twins are/were; veteran superstar actor Frank Langella (1938), comedian Don Novello {“Father Guido Sarducci” in Saturday Night Live‘s early years} (1943), WWF/E manager Jimmy Hart (1944), former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine (1947), actress Dedee Pfeiffer (1964), late Kansas City Chiefs’ star Derrick Thomas (1967-2000), actor Verne Troyer (1969), former wrestling valet Kimberly Page (1970), NHL star Bobby Holik (1971) and Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner (1980).

I apologize for this 500-plus word debacle…wait a minute, not really…but, in closing, thank you all again for coming.  As a test, please note the following; I am on all sorts of social media (Facebook, Instagram {jamesa.johnson}, Twitter {@dalsharq2445}, and Tumblr {dalinar419])…it’s time for me to get to know the “whos” behind the numbers.  Let me know what you think and your opinions…it’s nice to talk to people once in a while!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \…\



2 thoughts on “# CCCLXXXV…Banner Year 2015 Recap…

  1. always love it!!! I may be a bit biased Cuz . All kidding aside though, you are a great writer. Very eloquent. Please let Mom know I was in bed with the flu throughout the holidays and didn’t get to wish anyone Happy Holidays. I sure hope Santa treated you and the family well this year. Please relay to all my belated Happy Holidays and wishing them health and happiness throughout the New Year. XOXO XO!!

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