# CCCLXXXIII…My Nephew and Lars Ulrich…



Today, December 26th, is the birthday of my sister’s younger son, Damien, and (since his name is in the title) it also happens to be the birthdate of Danish heavy metal drummer Lars Ulrich (1963).  Usually, due to the fact that my brother-in-law’s birthday is the day before (on Christmas), I don’t usually write on this date; not that I want to spite my nephew’s honor…it’s just that I try not to put posts this close together, unless needed.

It is needed, however, in this case to relate a story about the latter of the two; I met Mr. Ulrich at the (former) Sam Goody in midtown Manhattan in January of 1993, when Metallica had procured the soon-to-be closing record store for one day and sold everything related to the band; T-shirts, videos, records, posters, etc.  When I made my way to the store, as expected, the line to get in was around the corner and I happened to grab one of the last spots to get in (talk about major lucky!!!!)

After a good hour or so of standing in the moderate cold, I made my way into the place and grabbed a “Sad But True” (the actual title of the poster above) poster and proceeded up to the table where the four band members were.  Upon presenting my poster to the band, starting with Lars and being signed after by James, Kirk and Jason (respectively in that order), Mr. Ulrich decided to ask if I was a San Jose Sharks fan (due to my wearing of one of my older coats); I replied, “Since Day One!”…he then asked, with a modicum of jest in his voice, if they’d won ten games yet (that year, they finished with a miserable 11-71-2 record), to which I chuckled and responded with “Oh, that’s terrible”, and walked away with my piece of history…Many happy more to you, Mr. Ulrich…

Also celebrating with my nephew Damien are/were; late entertainer Steve Allen (1921-2000), late actor Alan King (1927-2004), record producing mogul Phil Spector (1939), “America’s Most Wanted” founder John Walsh (1945), major league baseball legends Carlton Fisk {former Red Sox catcher} (1947) and Ozzie Smith {St. Louis Cardinals’ shortstop} (1954), White Zombie guitarist Jay Yeunger (1966), Thirty Seconds to Mars vocalist/”Suicide Squad” actor Jared Leto (1971) and “American Idol” finalist/rocker Chris Daughtry was born in 1979.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little “story time” moment…hard to believe it but, if the fates had been different, I wouldn’t have met a rock star; he was almost “destined” to be a tennis star…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DAMIEN \,,,\




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