# CCLXIV…”Lemmy, Lemmy, Lemmy”…

Today’s post from the left is in honor of one of the “Gods” of rock-n-roll, Mr. Lemmy Kilmister, the bassist and lead vocalist for the band Motörhead, which you should know, unless you’re comfortable under your rock.  Lemmy has often been considered a rock god since his creation of the band currently enjoying the end of its’ fourth decade of stardom.

After 38 years of his unique, gravelly voice (often reminiscent of the late Joe Cocker’s but more suited for metal), he and his band mates continue to be an inspiration for persistence, as they have been a dominating force in metal for that expansive period.

One further note that Wikipedia does not mention is that, among his many collaborations with artists over the years, the one not listed is his writing of a song for the awesome band, Huntress (mentioned in Post # CXXVII) and the title tells you why it’s not listed…the track is titled “I Wanna F*** You to Death”!

You gotta put your “horns” up high today for Lemmy…and many happy more, Lemmy!!!

Also on this regal Christmas Eve post; celebrating a birthday are late actress Ava Gardner (1922-1990), authoress Mary Higgins Clark (1927), former Menudo heartthrob Ricky Martin (1971), the annoyingly ubiquitous Ryan Seacrest (1974) and one of the members of the pop group One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, was born in 1991 (mentioned ONLY because of the “crush” that my eldest has on the group as a whole!)

Hoping that your Christmas blessings may flow like a river for all this holiday season…as mine continue with every tick on my view counter…

/,,,/ ROCK ON LEMMY \,,,\


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