# CCCLXXVII…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. # XXX…”War of Kings”, Europe (2015)…

It is with great (and archaic) pleasure that today’s edition of the Saturday Spotlight focuses on a band that was very prevalent during my early teenage years, Europe.  At the time that their third album, “The Final Countdown” was released in 1985, I was on the verge of leaving the “pop-oriented” music scene, also known as radio play, back then and just on the precipice of an age of discovery of all aspects of the “rock” genre.

Of course, everyone and their brother nowadays has seen the GEICO commercial, featuring their smash hit from said commercial…which I find totally ironic, as the ad was released this year (I’m assuming to coincide with their TENTH album release, since 1979) and their latest album, “War of Kings”, is a testament to their ever-growing contributions to the music scene.

With the same lineup that was involved in the making of their previous hit album, this latest installment from Joey Tempest and the gang is nothing short of phenomenal, as they really have proved to me (as well as the music industry) as to why they’ve been around for almost 40 years.  Every song, from the opening title track, “War of Kings”, to the last track, an instrumental called “Vasatan”, the songs are not as keyboard-infused as in the previous albums (keyboards are prevalent in a couple of titles) and they are all, in my opinion, worthy of your time (otherwise they wouldn’t be here).

There are twelve tracks in all, ranging from the upbeat second track, “Hole In My Pocket”, to the anthemic “Days Of Rock n Roll”, the power ballad “Angels (With Broken Hearts)” and the upbeat penultimate track, “Light Me Up”, and other songs on this album are sure to amaze you, as this band truly will live on forever in my collection.

With this milestone Spotlight out of the way, I just hope that this review here gets you to start weaning you away from the “bubblegum” nonsense being spewed on the airwaves…if you continue listening to the unintelligible ridiculousness that the radio is currently known for, you will never appreciate what “good music” really is!

Until next time…/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

TRACKS:  1) War of Kings; 2) Hole In My Pocket; 3) Second Day; 4) Praise You; 5) Nothin’ To Ya; 6) California 405; 7) Days Of Rock n Roll; 8) Children Of The Mind; 9) Rainbow Bridge; 10) Angels (With Broken Wings); 11) Light Me Up; 12) Vasatan (instrumental) — OVERALL RATING:  ****


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