# CCCLXXIV…VACATION LOGUE: Supplemental…Maggie’s Birthday…

Being that I haven’t covered November 19th before, I just wanted to say that, in addition to the following list of celebrity twins, it is also the birth date of my cousin, Maggie Johnson…who, throughout my childhood, was a pivotal part of my upbringing.  Her easy-going nature, however, does not include her being a “pushover”, as she’s anything but…

As I was growing up, her presence (and the presence of my second cousins) in my life had a profound effect on me…as her never-say-die attitude was so infectious that I have adapted it in my lifestyle.  I would like to wish my dear, sweet cousin many happy more and a Happy Birthday in 2015!

On her list of twins are/were; late bandleader Tommy Dorsey (1905-1956), late political leader Indira Gandhi (1917-1984), ‘Wilbur’ from “Mister Ed”, Mr. Alan Young (1919), former talk show host Larry King (1933), former TV personality Dick Cavett (1936), cable television mogul Ted Turner (1938), ‘Grizzly Adams’ actor Dan Haggerty (1941), fashion designer Calvin Klein (1942) and former NFL star-turned-broadcaster Ahmad Rashad was born in 1949.

“The West Wing” co-star Allison Janney (1959), late wrestling manager Miss Elizabeth (1960-2003), former Guns N Roses drummer Matt Sorum (1960), former Atlanta Falcons/Seattle Seahawks coach Jim L. Mora (1961), actress Meg Ryan (1961), superstar actress Jodie Foster (1962), “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” co-star Terry Farrell (1963), Newark, NJ tap dancing legend Savion Glover (1973), Olympic medal-winning gymnast Kerri Strug (1977) and NHL phenom Patrick Kane was born in 1988.

Maybe next year, I will showcase Kerri Strug, as I have the newspaper (still!) from the day after the Olympic victory…until then, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON MAGZ \,,,\


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